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Crazy Chopper Antics in WA

19:30 AEST Thu Jan 3 2013

Time for Jules to get his safari suit out for an adventure with a difference. He loved being part of a 4WD convoy in Africa, but this time, he was in Western Australia to take part in a tandem helicopter flight with Heliwest.

Eleven helicopters, headed out from Perth's Heliwest base to the remote Abrolhos Islands, west of Geraldton.

Twenty minutes over water with no land or civilisation in sight, he was relieved to see Abrolhos which was to be home for a couple of days.

The Abrolhos Islands consist of 122 islands clustered into three main groups – the Wallabi, Easter and Pelsaert. They cover 100 kilometres of ocean from north to south.

The islands and their surrounding coral reef communities form one of the West’s unique marine areas. It's a meeting place for tropical and temperate sealife. Over ninety species of seabird which gather in large breeding colonies have been identified.

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