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Mornington Peninsula with Jules and Dad

13:00 AEST Fri Sep 2 2011
Join Jules Lund on a walk down memory lane. Every year he and his family looked forward to summer holidays as they packed the car and headed to the Mornington Peninsula.

The 90-minute drive seemed to take forever in those days and he remembers his dad piggybacking him to their fishing spot at Diamond Bay.

Accessed by a steep climb, Diamond Bay has two points protecting it and has extensive rock platforms. It does have small waves, but not good enough for surfing, so anglers pretty much have it to themselves.

Jules says it's best to be there 30 minutes before low tide and there is always a reward on the end of your line. Going back there with his father Ken gave the men a chance to talk about old times, reminisce and enjoy some blokey time.

Sorrento is one of the main towns on the peninsula and in 1803, at Eastern Sister, was Victoria's first official settlement. Almost as important, it was where Jules learned to ride a bicycle. It's on a thin strip, facing Port Phillip Bay in the north and the open waters of Bass Strait in the south.

The crescent-shaped Sorrento Front Beach has a pretty foreshore of lawns, shelters, old English trees and a couple of jetties. The pier is used by a passenger and car ferry which links Sorrento and Queenscliff.

Jules would have been in all sorts of trouble if he hadn't called in to Geggsy's Allsorts sweet shop. Geggsy, aka Gail Bennett, is a family friend and childhood employer.

She has lived in the area for 20 years. Since first owning the shop, a steady stream of children and grown-ups have flocked to see Gail and buy bags of her sweet goodies.

Even though Gail told Jules he was a bit of a rogue as a little boy, it didn't stop him getting behind the counter again and stocking up on Fry's peppermint bars, Tasmanian fudge, giant Lindt blocks and peppermint peckers.

Jules and his dad talked to Gail about how things have changed, particularly real estate prices. A six-bedroom mansion sold for $27 million, a price not in anyone's vocabulary not so long ago.

A visit to the Portsea Hotel for a cold drink and game of pool also brought back memories to the Lunds. Jules reckons it's the best hotel in Victoria — his father reckons it's the best in the world.

Built in 1876, the hotel has stunning views across Port Phillip Bay. The Lund family spent many New Year's Eves at the hotel and Jules remembers looking from his window as adults partied.

Open dining spaces make the most of the views and a terrace encircling the bay side of the hotel is popular with alfresco diners in summer. The Rip Lounge has open fires on wintery days and the huge beer garden right on the beach is perfect for dolphin watching. Accommodation is country-style and tariffs suit all budgets.

Jules summed up the special memory walk by saying he hopes he can be half the father to his own children as his dad has been for him. He's already building memories with his little girl, Billie.


Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, 90 minutes from Melbourne.


Diamond Bay fishing licenses are $5 for 48 hours. They can be purchased at the local Mitre 10 store in Sorrento.

Virgin Blue has one-way flights to Melbourne from:

  • Sydney and Adelaide $88
  • Brisbane $119
  • Perth $189

Prices correct at September 3, 2011.

For further information

Virgin Australia
Ph: 136 789

Ph: 133 039

Geggsy's Allsorts
168 Ocean Beach Road
Sorrento, Victoria 3943
Ph: (03) 5984 3322

Portsea Hotel
3746 Point Nepean Road
Portsea, Victoria 3944
Ph: (03) 5984 2213

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