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Inside the Sea Rocks Life Centre.
Inside the Sea Rocks Life Centre.
Inside the Sea Rocks Life Centre.

Phillip Island

Thursday, June 22, 2000
If you'd like to see seals, but get seasick, or if the weather is too awful to take a boat out, the next best thing is a visit to a virtual zoo.

The Seal Rocks Sea Life Centre at Point Grant on Phillip Island is the zoo of the future. Set within the penguin reserve, the 120 tonnes of steel with 458 huge panes of glass doesn’t have one single animal in captivity.

Thanks to a closed-circuit laser system, visitors can view seals and other marine animals in their natural habitat without interfering with them in any way.

Seal Rocks, Australia’s largest colony, is home to about 16,000 fur seals. During breeding season there are about 9000 seals ashore, and during that time more than 4000 pups are born.

The Centre is educational and entertaining, showing the Phillip Island ecology program and the story of George Bass’s exploration of the region. As well as learning about the seals, you will also learn about the life cycles of the seabirds and the seals’ biggest threat, the great white shark.

The development of underwater cameras and breathing apparatus has enabled biologists to monitor the amazing world of the seals, and you will see the kelp beds and sponge gardens which provide habitat for schooling fish, squid and octopus, the seals’ favourite food.


About two hours south of Melbourne.


Entry is $10 for adults, $8 concession, and $5 for children. Open year round.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission.

More information

Seal Rocks Sea Life Centre
The Nobbies, Phillip Island
Ph: 1300 367 325 (03) 5952 9333
Fax: (03) 5952 9393

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