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Upside down with Circus Oz

17:30 AEST Sat Apr 6 2013

Entertainment. It's such a personal thing. What pleases and amuses one person could possibly be quite boring for the next person. Acceptance or rejection can be between just two people or an entire country, culture or religion.

Dermott reckons he has come across something that has no exclusions. The circus. Not performing animals who have no say in it, but people who adore what they are doing.

Circus Oz has been entrancing Australians and the rest of the world since 1978, and Dermott visited their headquarters in Port Melbourne.

They have toured twenty-six countries on five continents and raised thousands of dollars for refugees and asylum seekers.

Mike Finch is one of those responsible for pulling it all together. As artistic director, he strives to include something for everyone. Colour, movement, political satire and even flashbacks to previous circuses.

Circus Oz is not like Cirque de Soleil. It's pretty much about Australian humour, breathtaking feats, social satire and excites audiences of all ages. Prices are more family friendly as well.

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