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Melbourne shopping tour (with the world's most annoying tourist)

09:00 AEST Thu Feb 17 2011
Who better to send on a shopping spree than Catriona Rowntree? Where better than Melbourne?

Click here to watch an exclusive clip of Getaway's dirty dancing grandpa (the world's worst tourist)

Outlet Shopping Tours takes shoppers on a relaxed day around the city's inner urban areas with a choice between high street shopping or in discount outlets and hard-to-find warehouse sales. Clothing, accessories, bags and shoes are all there and shoppers even have the chance to save money on books and chocolates. Does it get any better? Yes it does.

With an itinerary changing with sales and availability, shoppers are tempted by cosmetics, scarves, hats, luggage, electrical goods, homewares, lingerie and sleepwear, Manchester, sunglasses, knitwear, and if you fancy, you can even shop for the men and children in your life.

If travellers have special shopping requests, they can let the company know at the time of booking and they will do everything they can to include it in the schedule.

Shoppers are collected at one of several places across Melbourne and shuttled between shops in a bus. That means shoppers don't have the worry of carrying loads of bags, tackling public transport or parking their own car.

There will be time to stop for morning tea or coffee and cake in a cafe. That's at your own expense. Most people prefer to keep on shopping!

Lunch and a glass of sparkling wine, hot or soft drink are included, and that will boost your energy for an afternoon shopping session.

If you fancy spending a couple of days in Melbourne, Mercure Welcome in the centre of the city is an ideal place to stay. It's close to theatres, restaurants and — more shops if you haven't quite had enough retail therapy. If your feet are screaming for a rest, you can dine in one of the hotel's restaurants and enjoy a drink at one of the bars.


Around the hot shopping spots of Melbourne.


Melbourne Outlet Shopping Bargains and Bubbles Tours cost $84 per person. They run every day except Tuesday and Sunday between 9am and 5pm. Host, gift, lunch and a glass of sparkling wine are included. Private group rates are available on application.

Mercure Welcome Melbourne has rooms starting at $109 a night.

Virgin Blue has one-way flights to Melbourne from:

  • Adelaide and Hobart $85
  • Sydney $92
  • Canberra $106
  • Brisbane $129
  • Darwin $179
  • Perth $255

There are limited seats, which may not be available at peak times or on all flights. Fares quoted are one-way booked on the internet. An extra $15 will be charged for phone bookings. A credit card surcharge of an additional $2 per person per one-way flight is applicable. Fares are correct at February 17, 2011, and are subject to change.

Prices correct at 17.02.2011.

For further information

Virgin Blue
Ph: 136 789

Outlet Shopping Tours
Ph: (03) 8822 4568

Mercure Welcome Melbourne
265-281 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Ph: (03) 9639 0555

User comments
Thought Uncle Des was funny. Good to have a laugh. Jules did very well. Catriona looks great. As a Mum i would like to see more place and things to do with kids. I have read stories from Catriona and she talks about her mother's group, what kind of things, place's do they go as a group or with their family.
Started watching this episode halfway through, kept watching it because I thought the old man was hilarious, had no idea he was actually Jules though! When he took off the mask, I was like, what??
First my favourite show ges stripped back to half an hour, now its turning into the Footy Show? What's to go with Uncle Des? Sorta funny tonight (though irrelevant as it wasnt part of the tour), now he is on next weeks show from the Gold Coast? The half hr format is short enough without these shenanigans. I know you are trying to appeal to new audiences...but look at the footy show ratings and tell me how sucessful this type of humour is. Nothing against Jules though... he is one of the better reporters. I heap my praises on whoever picks the music too....always very well chosen.
That was the worst Getaway segment I've ever seen. OMG, it was beyond terrible, it was pathetic, truely lame and inappropriate. I can't hardly believe I was watching Getaway.

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