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AFL Hall of Fame
AFL Hall of Fame
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AFL Hall of Fame and Sensation

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Established in 1996, the Australian Football Hall of Fame started with 136 inductees who have made their names in Australian Rules football, selected by the Australian Football Hall of Fame Committee. Since then a further 51 inductees have been initiated.

Players, umpires, coaches, administrators and media representatives who have made notable contributions to Australian Football since the game's commencement in 1858 have been recognised. Being included in the hall is a great honour and many things are taken into account before someone is even considered by the committee. Number of games played, coached or umpired alone does not lead to eligibility — ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character are just as importance.

While it has successfully celebrated the game, management were concerned there wasn't anything for the public to experience apart from looking at footy jumpers, photographs and other memorabilia. That's where the Sensation comes in. Beyond the AFL Hall of Fame is a football adventure offering a blend of sound, vision and interaction.

Visitors enter the Locker Room, where they become a player who has just moments ago triumphed in the Preliminary Final. The coach, David Parkin, and football manager, Garry Lyon, address 'players' from two screens and talk of the enormity of the occasion they now find themselves in — one week from playing in an AFL Grand Final.

From here, players embark on a number of training activities as they travel through Grand Final Week and learn about the bookmarked moments of this historical period. Activities include:

Kick for goal
Each player selects from six historically significant goals they would like to try and kick. They select a player from the touch screen and kick for the goal on the screen, the ball hitting the net directly in front of the screen.

Triple M radio call
Participants call the game in a Triple M commentary box. They sit at a desk, view a game on the screen, give running commentary and have it replayed.

Hand skills suite
Players test their skill in perfecting a smother, clearing a boundary throw in, mastering the hard ball get or delivering a handball direct to the target. Physical fitness is tested by this experience while hand balling through a target.

Footy facts
For those who think they know the game, this is the place to test their knowledge. Play against friends or other visitors, answering by touchpad.

The Footy Show
An interactive TV broadcast centre allows players to host their own Footy Show. This is very similar to the real Footy Show set. Visitors read the autocue and then replay to see themselves on The Footy Show!

This is not just for lovers of Australian Rules football. The hands-on element is fun for everyone.


Melbourne — where else?


AFL Hall of Fame and Sensation entry is $22.50 for adults and $12.50 for children. Open every day from 8.30am to 6pm.

Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

AFL Hall of Fame and Sensation
Level 2, QV
292 Swanston Street,
Melbourne 3001

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