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Driver dynamics, Victoria

Thursday, February 7, 2008
We've probably all seen films where driving stunts have made us gasp and white-knuckle arms of chairs. If you've ever thought you would like to give it a go, don't do anything until you've been to Driver Dynamics.

They run courses in Sydney and Melbourne, conducted by precision driving teams in a half-day of adrenalin and fun. It all begins with a safety briefing and presentation of course activities. Then it's out to the stunt driving range where you drive specially modified, late model training cars.

Learn to do 180-degree handbrake turn parallel parking, multiple 360-degree spins, ramp-to-ramp jumps and driving on two wheels.

No previous experience is necessary and there is no age limit. All you need is to be able to drive a manual car and away you go.

We got three of the lead actors for the Nine Network's new series Underbelly to road-test the Driver Dynamics course. Underbelly is based on the real events surrounding Melbourne's infamous gangland killings starring Rodger Corser (cast as Steve Owen), Les Hill (Jason Moran) and Damien Walshe-Howling (Andres 'Benji' Veniamin). These fine actors were all put to the test in a variety of situations and all came up trumps.

Underbelly premieres on Wednesday, February 13 at 8:30pm.


Sandown Raceway in Melbourne.


Driver Dynamics Courses are held at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne and cost $199 per driver for one three-hour stunt driving experience. Courses are also held at Oran Park Raceway in Sydney.

Prices correct at February 7, 2008.

For more information

Driver Dynamics Pty Ltd
PO Box 2676
Mount Waverley Victoria 3149
Ph: 1300 652 693

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