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David onboard
David onboard
Air Nostalgia
What a view!

Air Nostalgia DC3 Flight

Thursday, August 21, 2003
David takes a sentimental journey in a World War II plane over the magnificent Great Ocean Road.

The Douglas DC3 aircraft ranks as one of last century's greatest aviation developments. The legendary craft's first flight in 1935 was a major milestone in aviation history.

The first DC3 was a 14-passenger luxury sleeper transport — the seven lower berths converted into seats for day travel and the upper berths folded into the ceiling. There were two dressing rooms and toilets at the rear of the cabin, a galley in the front and a honeymoon cabin.

The aircraft was larger, faster and more luxurious than anything that had gone before, plus more economical to operate and safer. It is said by those in the know that it was such a wonderful machine, it would only ever be replaced by another DC3.

To find out first-hand why this aircraft is held in such high esteem, you need to visit Captain Robert Fisher of Air Nostalgia at Essendon Airport.

The experience begins in an appropriately-decorated lounge, where you are served champagne while you listen to the captain talk about the plane and its history. Then you board for a scenic flight — there are many destinations to choose from when making your booking.

Once on board, you feel as though you've stepped back several decades. The air hostesses are in uniforms appropriate to the era and the plane's décor is just the way it would have been.

This plane was built in 1946, one of the last batch of 100 ever made. Until its present owners, it had only ever been flown by the RAAF and was part of the fleet used for the 1954 Royal Tour.

It has been through four-and-a-half years of restoration, thanks to a small group of passionate people, mostly retired from the airline industry and with decades of experience and memories. It was in excellent condition when the group bought it and is now as close to brand new as possible.

The plane now seats 28 in seven rows of four seats, each with a middle aisle. Over each pair of seats is a small screen which shows pictures from a camera on the plane's underbelly.

It isn't pressurised and cruises at around 3000-4500 metres. Once clear of the city, it can go as low as 150 metres.


Essendon Airport in Melbourne


Air Nostalgia 30-minute flights start at $85 per person. The two-hour Great Ocean Road flight starts at $225 per person, including a light meal.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Air Nostalgia
Ph: 1800 331 522
03 9820 4422

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