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90 Mile Beach
90 Mile Beach
Get beached

Ninety Mile Beach

Thursday, June 26, 2003
Do you like the beach? Really like the beach? Then try this on, this is the longest stretch of sand in the world.

Ninety Mile Beach actually stretches for 94.5 miles (152km) along Victoria's south-east coast from Port Albert in the south to Lakes Entrance in the north. It is the world's longest stretch of sand beach, with low salt scrub and dunes predominating the adjoining landscape.

The area offers surfing, swimming, beach fishing, bird watching, cycling, golfing and beautiful walks. It is on the edge of a long, slender sand dune created by easterly waves and protects the Gippsland Lakes. Beneath the waters are plains of sand which accommodate a staggering amount and range of life. A total of 860 species were found in 10 square metres while in one square metre 187 species were found, all thanks to the fine sands and red seaweed.

There are no rocky headlands or platforms along the coast and offshore the sandy plains are only occasionally broken by low ribbons of reef which formed as shorelines or dunes during times when the sea level was lower than it is today.

The towns of Loch Sport, Gold Beach, Seaspray and Woodside are spread fairly evenly along Ninety Mile Beach. They are unspoilt and offer clean white sand, wonderful crashing waves and a natural bush environment, all creating the perfect holiday environment.

Loch Sport is snuggled in the eastern part of the Gippsland Lakes between Lake Victoria and Ninety Mile Beach. This mecca for boaties and fishermen is surrounded by Lakes National Park and Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park.

The town has plenty of boat ramps and jetties, an Antique Marine Engine Museum with hundreds of beautifully restored outboard motors dating back to 1913 and the first ever hydroplane. Manly's Cafe is a great place for lunch.

Golden Beach is at the heart of Ninety Mile Beach and is full of birdlife — crimson rosellas, yellow-tailed cockatoos, hawks, red finches, rainbow lorikeets and honey eaters. The surfing and fishing is enhanced by a manmade reef at Delray Beach and the popular golf course is where you will see kangaroos, emus, echidnas and carpets of wildflowers in spring.

Six kilometres west of Golden Beach is the wreck of the 318 tonne barque, the Trinculo. It was forced ashore by a gale in 1879, struck a sandbar 30m from shore and slewed broadside to the beach. A crew member was awarded a medal by the Royal Humane Society for saving all on board.

The Trinculo b&b is a homely retreat for two people. Perfect for beach strolls and star-gazing, the b&b has a small retreat area and ensuite with clawfoot bath. A cheese platter and bottle of local wine is a friendly welcoming touch and continental breakfast can be served in your room or on the balcony.

Kewley's Cabins offer camping with comforts. Painted by Alexander Eberlein, they are a delight to visitors and art enthusiasts. Set in native coastal gardens, just a minute from the beach, they are a haven for local birdlife.

The towns of Seaspray and Woodside also have pristine beaches which are patrolled during busy times, and offer a range of quality accommodation.


Victoria's south-east coast.


Trinculo b&b accommodation starts at $95 a double a night. The Apartment starts at $80 and Kewley's Holiday Cabins start at $50.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Ninety Mile Beach

Antique Marine Engine Museum
Kookaburra Road, Loch Sport 3851
Ph: (03) 5146 0697

Manly's Cafe and Lodge Supermarket
Lake Street, Loch Sport 3851
Ph: (03) 5146 0353

Trinculo b&b
26 Shoreline Drive, Golden Beach 3851
Ph: (03) 5146 3490

Kewley's Holiday Cabins
Lakeline Drive, Golden Beach 2851
Ph: (03) 5146 3490

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