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Highway to the danger zone
Highway to the danger zone
In combat
Go Mav!

Jet Fighter Flights

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Jules get a taste of “top gun” in a strikemaster and discovers he may not be so “Maverick” after all.

Aerospace Services Group established Jet Fighter Flights to provide people with an aviation experience usually available only to military fighter pilots. There are very few opportunities in the world for people to get the rush of being in one of these military planes, but this company operates out of New South Wales and Victoria, giving more people the chance of being a "top gun".

Jet Fighter Flights has Australia's most extensive fleet of military jets and a team of highly trained pilots. Safety is, of course, paramount and aircraft are carefully maintained, with safety equipment carried on every flight. They recently clocked up 3000 flights.

Getaway sent a very excited crew to Mangalore Airport in Victoria's Goulburn Valley, once an alternative airport to Melbourne International. Just north of the Great Dividing Range, it is in beautiful countryside and has stable weather conditions.

Jules Lund had the amazing experience of taking part in a joyflight/dogfight in a six-months-old XL750 Strikemaster, a turbine aircraft known for its speed and safety. Worth around $300,000, the jetfighter bomber is designed to carry four bombs, two machine guns and 72 rockets. There are five Strikemasters and seven Supersonic Hawker Hunters in Jet Fighter Flights' fleet.

Flying in one of these jets means you are exposed to a G-force rating of four, which means your body is four times heavier. To prevent passing out, you need to tighten your leg muscles so the blood doesn't rush straight from your head to your feet. Jules recommends swallowing the air sickness tablets offered before take-off!

Also before take-off you are given a full safety and mission brief covering the area of operation, weapons delivery and G-force preparation. You are kitted out in military flying suit, helmet, oxygen mask and gloves. After clearance, expect to experience the most amazing sensation of acceleration from zero to 600kmh in less than 20 seconds!


Mangalore Airport, 130km north of Melbourne


Jet Fighter Flights operate out of Mangalore in Victoria and Williamtown, Bathurst in New South Wales, Hobart in Tasmania and Maroochydore in Queensland.
Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

Jet Fighter Flights
Bankstown Airport
Bankstown 2200
Ph: 1800 880 501
Fax: (02) 9791 1551

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