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Ben behind the wheel.
Ben behind the wheel.
Rally driving in Victoria.

Rally Driving

Thursday, June 22, 2000
If you're looking for excitement and think rally driving is the way to go, then follow in Ben's footsteps as he takes a few lessons.

You will first attend a 40-minute lecture where it is explained just what you will be doing. During the course you will be taught how to control a car and, more importantly, a car that is out of control through speed or slewing. You'll learn how to steer, brake and accelerate. In fact, this is where you start to get the buzz of rally driving — learning how to master the seemingly uncontrollable.

The first half of the day you will do 24 laps at about 80 km/h in a rally car with a tutor as your passenger.

The second half of the day really gets the adrenaline going… A professional driver will drive eight laps at about 200 km/h, with you in the passenger seat.

The track is all on loose dirt, and the cars are fitted with roll cage and harness, and drivers must wear a safety helmet.

As the tracks are on private land, a driver’s licence is not necessary. Their youngest learner so far was 10 years old.


Narbethong, one hour north of Melbourne


A Rally Experience one-day course costs $695, and includes a full day of rally tuition and lunch. Courses run every weekend in Sydney and Victoria, and every second weekend in Queensland.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission.

More information

Rally Experience
Box K1180, PO Haymarket 2000
Phone: 1800 132 213, or 1800 648 846

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