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Catriona in a Roman bath.
Catriona in a Roman bath.
In the hot room.
In the famous milk bath.

Aquarius Roman Baths

Friday, January 31, 2003
We bring to you Australia's only milk bath for total exuberance, luxury and pampering!

Bene lave — "enjoy your bath" — is the philosophy at Aquarius Roman Baths. Thanks to changing times, it's not just men who can enjoy the therapy of a Roman bath. From the 2nd century BC, bathhouses were where men discussed business, plotted wars and spoke of other subjects "not for women's ears". Thanks to Roger Smith, everyone can enjoy the benefits of Australia's only milk bath.

Roger has kept the traditional names for his baths — tepidarium (warm bath), caladarium (hot bath), spa alveus (spa bath), frigidarium (cooler bath) and the milk bath. Bathing in warm milk opens the skin's pores and cleanses, exfoliates and detoxifies, while glycerine and protein build elasticity and moisture levels. The viscosity of the milk creates a feeling of buoyancy, bringing the bather back to life.

There are four baths as well as steam rooms, all focusing on hydrotherapy and relaxation. No chlorine is involved and the water is kept clean by ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

The Roman process of entering a number of marble hot rooms, followed by bathing in warm and hot baths before taking a cold plunge, is still followed, using 21st century technology. Most people fine they relax mind and body and give relief to aches, pains and easing complaints such as sinusitis.

A Cleopatra Indulgence is blissful. It begins with a hydrotherapy bath, which is immersion in a sea kelp spa for half an hour. This gradually increases the metabolism, along with thyroid function, at the same time stimulating muscles and eliminating toxins.

Next, you move to the hydro-wet table to be smothered with a body mask. Then you can choose what you would like to luxuriate in next — facial treatments, manicure and pedicure, seaweed bath, re-mineralising mud wrap, neck and shoulder massage and eye treatments — or a combination of them, accompanied by champagne and caviar or a platter of fruit.

Should you wish to keep your summer colour going, Aquarius has a solarium centre, or if you want to concentrate on your fitness, they have a specialised range of equipment for a workout.

The trained Aquarius staff can tailor a massage to your needs, from stress release to deep tissue work.

All this in a place adorned with Italian marble and works of art, and while you can pop in and out, it is suggested that you have at least half a day to enjoy it all.


The centre of Launceston.


Aquarius Roman Baths spa treatments start at $55. Cleopatra milk baths start at $80.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

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