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Feeding time
Colourful chickens

Zoo Doo

Thursday, July 25, 2002
Catriona has landed in what she can only describe as one of the craziest, most hands-on and unusual zoos she's seen.

Richmond is arguably Australia's most beautiful Georgian village. It is a place of slate and cobbles, handmade brick and mellow stone, cottages and manors. It has a well-preserved convict jail, Australia's oldest Roman Catholic church and a bridge built in 1823.

As if all that is not enough, Richmond is also home to Zoo Doo, a wonderful farm that houses a variety of unusual animals, including Australia's tiniest horse. Owned by Trevor and Pauline Cuttriss, Mouse is a 65cm tall stallion from the United States and is the centre of attention at their 33 hectare farm. He's too tiny for anyone to ride, but he and his pals are particularly popular with children as they can relate to their size.

The miniature horses race three times a day, with toy monkeys on their backs as jockeys. There is lots of encouragement and yelling as the horses do their six laps.

Next to the race track is the nursery — and it's a nursery with a difference. Rabbits and chickens have been coloured with food dye and are bright green, blue, pink, yellow and red, there are mice which have been born with no tails, albino wallabies, black and white lambs and white peacocks from China.

The next additions will be a pair of big white kangaroos, a white camel and a white buffalo. It's easy to see that Trevor has a penchant for the unusual, and continues his search for additions.

Some out-of-the-ordinary animals you will see are capuchin and rhesus monkeys, llamas, alpacas, ostriches and Scottish highland cattle.

There are everyday animals as well, such as guinea pigs, ducklings, turkeys, sheep, fowl, geese, swans, parrots, galahs, cockatoos and corellas. Visitors are encouraged to pat the animals and if there happens to be an orphan, they can bottle feed them.

A great way to see the property is to do a loop on the mini Puffing Billy. It carries up to 15 people and takes 30 minutes to take you up the hill to visit more animals. There is also an old fire engine which takes the same route, complete with siren and bell. Children are given feed bags so they can feed the emus and ostriches along the way.

You can buy hot and cold food and drinks there, or take along your own food for a barbecue or picnic.


Richmond, a 20 minute drive north of Hobart.


Zoo Doo Wildlife Fun Park entry is $10 for adults and $9 for children. They are open year round.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Zoo Doo
620 Middle Tea Tree Road
Richmond 7025
Ph: (03) 6260 2444
Zoo Doo is a wheelchair friendly environment.

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