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Strahan Wheelhouse Apartments

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Strahan, on Tasmania's west coast, is around 290km north-west of Hobart. It lies on the western shore of Macquarie Harbour. In its early years, Strahan was a timber and fishing town and was a major port in the region's mining boom of the late 1800s.

Visitors can enjoy the ancient beauty of Strahan in luxury at the Wheelhouse Apartments. The accommodation, on the edge of the earth's oldest living rainforest, exudes serenity only nature can provide.

The two contemporary self-contained units have uninterrupted views of Tasmania's wild west coast, and clever design ensures views are a physically thrilling experience, rather that just something to look at and admire.

There is a feeling of standing on the bridge of a huge liner, and polished timber floors, stanchion wire hand rails and exterior blue sky cladding continue the maritime feel.

Upstairs bedrooms have spas with views and separate ensuite facilities. There is a second bedroom downstairs.

Kitchen serving windows open onto sundecks with barbecues — perfect for a cook-up of some of that fantastic Tasmanian seafood! Living rooms are cantilevered towards the cliff-top on elevated steel girders Huge glass windows lean outwards at the top, giving a sense of being able to step right up to the cliff's edge.

Richly coloured and fossilised stonework walls anchor the illusion to solid ground and green grass.

Local myrtle, celery top and Huon pine timbers are featured, and much thought has been put into light fittings, furniture and furnishings. Televisions cantilever off walls, upstairs and down, and air-conditioning ensures year-round comfort.

Wheelhouse Apartments are perfect for a romantic getaway, or a family holiday.

The centre of Strahan is just a five-minute walk away. You might fancy a cruise around Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River, or a visit to Sarah Island, one of Tasmania's most brutal penal colonies.


Tasmania's west coast.


Wheelhouse Apartments prices start at $290 a double a night. Continental breakfast is included.

Prices quoted are correct on October 12, 2006.

More information

Wheelhouse Apartments
4 Fraser Street
Strahan Tas 7468
Ph/Fax: (03) 6471 7777

Virgin Blue
Ph: 13 6789

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