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Bay Of Fires Walk

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bay of Fires in Tasmania's north-east is in Mt William National Park, extending from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north. It has beautiful mountain slopes and a rocky coastline leading to fine, white granite beaches.

As with most of Tasmania's east coast, Mt William's geology is dominated by granite. It originated some 380 million years ago during a period of plate collision and mountain building. Resulting volcanic heat baked materials still several kilometres below the surface, slowly transforming them into large-grained rock now at the surface.

Mt William National Park was established in 1973, covering 14,000 hectares that was once a pastoral property. It was created to preserve the last habitat for the eastern grey kangaroo. It is also very important for other wildlife, and happily thriving there are echidnas, brush-tail possums, wombats, Bennetts wallabies and Tasmanian Devils. Bird life is abundant with over 100 species in the park, many of them sea and shore birds. The coastal heath is popular with honey-eaters, blue wren, flame, dusk and scarlet robin, firetail finch, pardalote and kookaburra.

Well-informed Tasmanian guides take small groups on walks exploring beaches and woodlands and give invaluable information about the spectacular flora and fauna of the park.

There are many sites of significance to the Aboriginal community. Huge middens of discarded shells remain from days when tribes migrated to the cost to forage for shellfish, mutton birds and seals.

Up to 10,000 years ago, tribes crossed the land bridge that once connected Tasmania to the mainland. If you look north to Bass Strait, the remnants of the bridge — the islands of the Furneaux Group — can be clearly seen.

The Bay of Fires Walk takes four days and covers 25kms of exceptional scenery. It was designed around the attributes of the little-known national park. It is a physically active, fully accommodated and guided walking experience.

The beach camp is a fully demountable seasonal structure located in a dune swale in the park. It has wooden flooring with ply and canvas walls and provides the first night's accommodation. Just metres from the beach, it has twin share rooms, kitchen and dining area, private wash areas, surrounding deck, camp shower platform, sophisticated waste management practices and composting toilet system. It has a minimal impact on the area. Meals are served on the deck or on the beach.

Bay of Fires Lodge is on 35 hectares of private land, surrounded by the park and coast. It is small scale, sustainable and autonomous in providing and managing its existence. The only building in the wilderness, it provides solitude and comfort.

The lodge is on a hilltop, 40 metres above the ocean and has breathtaking views up and down the white coastline. There are two long timber and glass pavilions giving maximum enjoyment of the environment.

Building materials — Tasmanian hardwood and plantation pine — were lifted in by helicopter or hand carried to the site. The living area has a large timber deck and open fire. Solar power provides lighting and hot showers and you get to sleep in comfortable hotel beds, in private rooms with views.

As you can imagine, being in Tasmania you will enjoy the best of food, local wine and beer. A day's hard walking is well rewarded!


Mt William National Park in Tasmania's north-east


Bay of Fires four-day walks are $1750 per person twin share. Accommodation, all meals, transport and entrance fees are included. Walks will depart daily between October 24, 2006 and May 1, 2007.

Virgin Blue has flights to Launceston with limited seats which may not be available at peak times or on all flights. Fares are one-way on the net. An extra $15 will be charged for phone bookings. A credit card surcharge of an additional $2 per person per one way flight is applicable. Fares are correct at June 22, 2006 and are subject to change.

One-way fare from;
  • Melbourne, $70
  • Sydney, $90
  • Brisbane, $145
  • Adelaide, $185
  • Perth, $279
  • Darwin, $335

Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

For further information

Bay of Fires Walk
Ph: (03) 6391 9339
Fax: (03) 6391 9338

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