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Cattle drive
Cattle drive

South Australia cattle drive

Thursday, August 18, 2005

In the legendary cattle drives of old, thousands of cattle were herded down the Birdsville Track. The long journey was re-enacted in 2002 and again in 2005 with horsemen and women from Australia and around the globe and 600 head of cattle.

The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive arranges the 514-kilometre journey through contrasting and uncompromising terrain which can be harsh and unforgiving. It also offers unforgettable beauty.

The ride passes through endless deserts, salt lakes and coloured sands — the land of the Aboriginal Dreamtime — and generations of horsemen's secrets, stories of Aboriginal culture, outback life and yarns are told along the way.

The adventure is good for experienced and weekend riders — even those who have never ridden at all get into the swing of it. There are four stages, each with its own personality, each of two to three days. You are able to do any or all parts.

During the day you ride through colourful wildflowers and see flocks of birds soaring in clear blue skies. Red kangaroos bound through the bush looking for waterholes and sunsets are a delight.

Each night you stay in a village of luxury tents with excellent facilities. There is a bar and plenty of food prepared by a campfire and even entertainment.

Getaway took part in the cattle drive from Lake Harry to Marree which was 32 kilometres travelling south.


From Marree to Lake Harry.


Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive three-night, all-inclusive packages cost $1750 per person this year. It ran from Birdsville to Marree with various pickup points in between. The next one will run from May to June, 2007, in a location yet to be decided.

Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

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The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive
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