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The golf course.
The golf course.
Teeing off — looks different.
Where's the green?

Coober Pedy Golf

Thursday, October 25, 2001
Take a drive on a course that has no greens! You have to see this to believe it.

Coober Pedy to most people means a place where beautifully colourful opals are mined out of a lunar landscape. It means people living underground to avoid the scoching daytime temperatures and the cold nights. It means a place of no grass and little water, and people possibly know it as a leg of the world's longest mail run.

Maybe the last thing you would expect the locals to enjoy for recreation is a good game of golf, but believe it or not, they have an 18-hole course.

It could be a toss-up between which is more arid — Coober Pedy's course or Alice Springs' course. It seems Coober Pedy wins, as Alice has more water, meaning more grass — not a difficult thing as Coober Pedy's course has none. That's right — no grass. You need to provide your own. Players take a 20cm square piece of artificial grass with them — visitors can get one from the clubhouse.

There is a relaxed dress code, but singlets and thongs are not permitted. Shirts must be worn — not necessarily collared — shorts are fine and feet must be covered.

The club has a membership of 70 who own the clubhouse, which overlooks the first nine holes and the township. It attracts 60,000 visitors a year, and the Coober Pedy Classic is an annual event, attracting interstate competitors.

Summer rounds are not for the fainthearted — temperatures are often 47 degrees Celsius, and it can be very windy — meaning very dusty, too.

The rocky landscape is scattered with saltbush, with fair roads defined by sandstone. The front of the course is flat and the back reaches 30m. Instead of the usual water traps, this course's obstacles are mounds of dirt, hills and rocks.


846km north-west of Adelaide.


Coober Pedy Golf Course costs $20 for green fees and club hire. The season runs from March to November.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Coober Pedy Golf Course bookings can be made by telephoning (08) 8672 5969.

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