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Paris to Barcelona cruise part two: Quaint French villages

17:30 AEST Sat May 11 2013

Catriona Rowntree happily settled in to her Scenic Spaceship journey. She adored her visit to Paris and was excited about venturing south on the River Saone.

Whether from the comfort of your cabin balcony or on deck with other passengers, it was special to see the beautiful villages dotted all the way down river.

The Spaceship arrived on market day in the beautiful town of Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy in the Côte d'Or. Markets are always a great way to get the real feel of a place. Beaune buzzes with locals buying vegetables, freshly baked bread and huge varieties of cheeses, just as they have been since the middle ages.

Next to the market is the old Beaune Hospice, an excellent example of 15th century French architecture. These days it is a museum and well worth a visit.

The town is surrounded by some of the world's most famous wine villages and has rich historical and architectural heritage. There are features from the pre-Roman and Roman eras, through to the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

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