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Majestic Minima Hotel

Majestic Minima Hotel

19:30 AEST Thu Dec 20 2012

Giaan checked out Adelaide's boutique hotel – Majestic Minima. The sleek hotel in cosmopolitan North Adelaide is following a successful European trend. Rooms are smaller than traditional hotel rooms, but in this case, less is better. Everything is 5 star standard, but you pay three and a half star rates.

The hotel describes itself as a 'B&B' which usually means 'bed and breakfast'. In this case it means 'bed and budget'.

Majestic Minima is Adelaide's first 24 hour self check-in hotel. All you need to do is swipe your credit card in an internet station in the lobby and a room key pops out. The secure card gives access to all areas. Vending machines contain breakfast items or you can have a prepaid cooked breakfast at Cafe Bocca, just metres away.

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