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Action Adelaide with Brenton Ragless

Action Adelaide with Brenton Ragless

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Brenton Ragless is known to Nine Network viewers in South Australia as the man who tells them what to expect from the weather. Getaway lured him away from his weather maps to show us some of the action activities available in his home town.

Adelaide International Raceway

Brenton's first adventure was to learn the ropes of defensive driving with Asher Johnson of Trackcorp Adrenalin.

Brenton was more than pleased to show the skills he already had, and fix mistakes with a few simple tips. It was also a great way to learn new and important driving skills.

A day at the raceway introduces hazards we all face daily on the roads. Having to stop suddenly, how to react if something jumps in front of the car and just how important concentration is. A real test is to slalom through strategically placed cones. That one took several attempts and there were fewer intact cones than when the lesson began, but Brenton became quite adept.

One-day level-one defensive driving courses in Adelaide are suited to drivers of regular passenger vehicles, including four-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.

Young drivers are strongly encouraged to develop on-road defensive driving skills and more solid techniques. More experienced drivers benefit from advanced driver training, including the correction of old habits and improving judgement and reactions.

Barossa Paintball Adventures

Kelly Landry's contribution to Action Adelaide was joining a Paintball Adventures team. Popular the world over, it's a bit like a grown-up version of hide and seek, except as you are trying to capture the other team's flag, while balls of paint fly both ways.

The paint is in a gelatine capsule and expelled from a marker powered by a carbon-dioxide cylinder. Once the capsule hits its target there is an explosion of coloured vegetable dye, and once you've been hit, you're out of the game.

Unlike most extreme sports, paintball is a true team activity. Because of the rule of being out of the game once you're hit, teams need to work together.

Barossa Helicopter

Kelly was lucky enough to hop on a Barossa Helicopters pub crawl, piloted by sisters Billy-Jo and Bridgette Kies. Their family arrived in the valley from Germany in the mid-1800s so they know the area and its history very well.

First stop was the Mount Mary pub, north-east of Lyndoch. It's all that remains of the old railway and logging town. There are some historical buildings including the old station, station master's building and school house. It has a population of just three — including the dog.

The flight path went over Jacob's Creek in the heart of the valley. It produces one of Australia's most famous international wine brands and its history is blended with award-winning building showcases of environmental design.

Adventure Kayaking SA

After covering land and air, it's Jason Dundas' turn to hit the water with Adventure Kayaking SA. They take paddlers to Port River Dolphin Sanctuary for personal encounters with dolphins and follow a 5km trail of 40 shipwrecks.

They explore mysterious sea caves and are greeted by friendly sea lions near Rapid Bay Sea Caves. You could also experience Coorong National Park's wilderness.

Two- and three-person sea kayaks are used. They are easy to paddle, have rudders for steering and are stable and comfortable. Unlike some tippee craft where all energy is used trying to stay upright and moving, their kayaks are state-of-the-art, chosen so your experience is enjoyable, not exhausting! There's plenty on offer for first-time kayakers or experienced paddlers.

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Action adventure across Adelaide.


Adrenalin Defensive Driving Course level one costs $279 per person for eight to nine hours. They run once or twice a month year-round. Gift certificates are available.

Paintball Adventures packages start at $45 for a half day and $55 for a full day per player. All gear, 200 paintballs and barbecue lunch are included. They run from 9am to 12.30pm or 9am to 3pm and operate every day.

Barossa Helicopters Scenic Flights start at $69 per person with a minimum of two people. Winery tours start at $420 per person. They include lunch and visits to two wineries.

Adventure Kayaking SA three-hour paddles cost $70 for adults and $40 for children. There are family specials and group discounts available. They operate on weekends, Wednesdays and public holidays.

Prices correct at August 19, 2010.

For further information

Trackcorp Adrenalin
Ph: (02) 8324 9999 or 1300 791 793
Fax: (02) 8324 9990

Paintball Adventures
Pine Creek Road
Bethel 5373
Ph: (08) 8381 3337

Barossa Helicopters
Hoffnungsthal Road
Lyndoch 5351
Ph: (08) 8524 4209
Fax: (08) 8524 4830

Adventure Kayaking SA
Ph: (08) 8295 8812

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You have offered a lively selection of activities in SA. Could you balance it with anything quieter, contemplative, scenic or thoughtful?

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