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Sailing in Port Adelaide
Sailing in Port Adelaide
Activities onboard
David learns how to sail

One and All Sailing

Thursday, September 25, 2003
Learn how to sail on the beautiful calm waters of South Australia.

Around 20 years ago, a dedicated group of South Australian volunteers and ship enthusiasts set about building a ship in the style of the old tall ships.

The One and All is halfway between a brigantine and a schooner and was launched in 1985. In 1987 it joined the fleet of tall ships near Rio de Janeiro and travelled with it as part of the First Fleet re-enactment celebrating Australia's bicentenary.

In 1988, once the festivities were over, One and All went home to Adelaide and now takes part in all sorts of programs. She has been in three Sydney to Hobart races, circumnavigated Tasmania and in 1988 took part in a tall ships race from Sydney to Hobart on Australia Day.

Her 30-metre hull is built from iron bark, jarrah and Huon pine to strict modern standards and she is surveyed to sail anywhere in the world.

Including the jute boom, she measures 42.68m and when under full sail with her extremely complex rigging, it takes 35 people to sail her.

There are several programs being run these days, the most important involving young people. They take students from the age of six on half-day introductory cruises; they can also join adults on twilight cruises.

For over 15 year olds, there are development voyages which incorporate learning to sail on five to 10-day trips. These range from gulf trips to tall ship races to eco-tours of nearby islands.

Eco-voyages are run in conjunction with National Parks staff or scientists and shore excursions take in local ecology.

Everyone is expected to be hands-on and help sail the ship. Groups are divided into three watches, each in charge over a four-hour period daily.

Those who prefer to be less active are catered for. Day and twilight sails allow you to sit back and relax and take in the views. A meal and drinks are provided.


Port Adelaide in South Australia


The Sailing Ship Trust of South Australia voyages cost $120 per person. They run year round.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

Sailing Ship Trust of South Australia Inc
St Vincent and Commercial Road
Port Adelaide 5015
Ph: (08) 8447 5144
Fax: (08) 8341 0167

Qantas: 13 13 13

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