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Brendon checks out the ropes.
Brendon checks out the ropes.
The start of the climb.
The start of the climb.
Looks very high.
Looks very high.

Adelaide Indoor Rock Climbing

Thursday, September 20, 2001
If you have watched intrepid rock-climbers and wished you could tackle a climb, you can do it in safety, in any weather, indoors in Adelaide.

If you have watched intrepid rock climbers and wished you could tackle a climb, you can do it in safety, in any weather, indoors in Adelaide. Added advantages are no falling rocks, and no snakes or spiders.

Vertical Reality Climbing offer climbs for all ages and levels of skill. Their instructors are experienced and are competition climbers, so their advice and supervision is the best you can get. First-timers are always given thorough instructions so they feel totally confident about their new adventure.

Pat Heppner, Vertical Reality's manager, says climbing is a matter of problem solving, with you figuring out what next to do in the puzzle.

The former warehouse is three stories high and approximately the size of two netball courts. The roof has been lifted to make the area suitable for climbing, and the walls are 11.5m high.

There are 30 ropes, all at different levels, so first-timers can get right into it, and experienced climbers can improve their skills. The climbs are graded through to 29, which is extremely difficult, and has never been conquered, so remains a challenge for everyone.

Ropes are changed every few months so people don't become too familiar with the climbs and can enjoy new challenges. The confident climber can measure their skills against the clock. Each climb has a time limit, and part of the fun is seeing if you can beat it.


Holden Hill, 15 minutes from Adelaide's centre.


Vertical Reality Climbing costs $27 for adults, $24 for full-time students and $17 for kids under 13. Fees include unlimited climbing, harness hire & safety induction.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Vertical Reality Climbing
560 North East Road,
Holden Hill 5088
Ph: (08) 8266 4090

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