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Adelaide nightlife?

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Kelly Landry's been to Adelaide quite a few times but, like many visitors to a city, she's never been sure where to go when the sun sets. To solve that she joined up with local entertainment reporter and former Miss Australia, Olivia Stratton, who knows the ins and outs of Adelaide after dark.

Edinburgh Hotel

Known to locals as "The Ed", the hotel in historic Mitcham Village has been running since 1855. The Adelaide institution has three bars, each with a different vibe. Depending on your mood you can relax and unwind, or go to something a little more upbeat. The huge beer garden is bordered by pergolas, vines and lush gardens. There's a DJ on Tuesday and Thursday nights and on Sunday afternoons there's live music.

Apart from being a great watering hole, their cafe offers a fine dining experience. They also have an award-winning cellar and retail outlet, so everything's covered.

Mesa Lunga

The Spanish term mesa lunga translates to "long table". On Adelaide's Gouger Street, Mesa Lunga captures the essence of European culture in a chic but relaxed atmosphere. Pizzas are made for grown-ups and Spanish doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce are winners in the dessert stakes. Apart from the fabulous food, the interiors are eye-popping. Great tapas dishes are served at the bar.

Sangria Bar

This is a spin-off from Mesa Lunga and is a winner in its own right. They serve 15 different sangria cocktails created in San Sebastian and bite-sized tapas known as pintox and chupitos.

The sangria varieties have some unusual flavours — including hibiscus and Turkish apple — and bases are made from juices, liqueurs, spirits and wine.

An acoustic guitarist and saxophonist entertain on Sundays and there's a DJ adding to the fun.

Botanic Bar

Their last stop was Botanic Bar which is a massive heritage building. It has a fantastic atmosphere (no gambling machines or beer on tap here) and it's dedicated to the divine cocktail. The owners have a gourmet produce store at Central Markets which is where they source their cocktail ingredients.

Three full-time cocktail bartenders devote themselves to maintaining, expanding and serving more than 40 cocktails. They choose from over 50 liqueurs and shake, build, stir, blend and muddle the most exotic beverages.

There's a DJ most nights and while there's no official dance floor, that doesn't stop people hopping up to bop.


After dark spots across Adelaide.


The Edinburgh Hotel is open from Monday to Saturday between 10am until midnight and from 10am until 10pm on Sunday.

Mesa Lunga is open from 6pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Wednesdays to Fridays they open from noon until late. On Sundays they open at noon and serve pizza and tapas until late.

Sangria Bar is open between Wednesday and Sunday from 6pm until late.

For further information

Edinburgh Hotel
1-7 High Street
Mitcham 5062
Ph: (08) 8373 2700
Fax: (08) 8373 3083

Mesa Lunga/Sangria Bar
Morphett and Gourger streets
Adelaide 5000
Ph: (08) 8410 7617

Botanic Bar
309 North Terrace
Adelaide 5000
Ph: (08) 8227 0799

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User comments
My god.. what a sheltered and biased outlook on Adelaide you have Olivia... is that the best you can come up with? I know Adelaide doesn't have the vibrant hustling atmorphere of Melb, Syd, Bris, but there are so many other great places around town ... I feel sorry for the other establishmentsaround town that missed out on national recognition
Adelaide has no night life. Pure and simple. A horrible place Full of insular conservative inbreds. Hate it!
Very poor effort! Is that all you think Adelaide's night life has to offer? That wasn't even the tip of the iceberg! Poor poor poor reporting!
Dear Kelly and Olivia, I cannot believe you you only managed to find three places to go in Adelaide. Even if you had done a Google map from your office in wherever you are, you would have noticed the wonderful Rundle Street, Grote Street, Gouger Street, King William Road, Unley Road, East Terrace, Glenelg, Grange, Henley Beach, etc etc. Adelaide is such a lovely place to live and visit. For those who want to visit Adelaide, try Please, Getaway, in future, try actually doing a little research on the places you report on, and provide a balanced, informed perspective. Mish. PS. it is Gouger Street, not Gourger Street.
why not mention any of the funner cheaper places, instead of the obscure places? jugs of cocktails at mansions not good enough for a fomer miss australia? or $2 vodkas in happy hr at little pub on hindley?
Did u look around? There is beer on tap! Poor reporting!

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