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Beyond Nemo: Sunshine Coast's UnderWater World

09:00 AEST Thu Nov 18 2010
UnderWater World is an award-winning tourist attraction on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. It has eight zones to explore and thousands of marine and freshwater animals. Jason Dundas went along to see the giant sharks, stingrays, sawfish and tropical reef fish.

Touch and Tell is home to Stingray Reef — brown, blue spotted and fantail rays glide around, and you can actually touch a sea star, sea cucumber or brown banded bamboo shark.

Weird and Wonderful lives up to its name. Discover cow fish and pineapple fish, lionfish, stonefish, rabbitfish and learn about the unusual role of the male seahorse. You could even see some characters from Finding Nemo.

The exciting show at Seal Island is full of surprises. The voices of local children have been used as voices of cheeky seals who have taken over Seal Island. The interactive experience lets you pucker up for a seal kiss — if you want. If not, it's fun just to be up close as they go about their business.

Mayhem, Kaos and Lou rule the Otter Empire. They are very family-orientated, fanatical about cleaning their food before eating it and love to pose for pictures. Enter their world for a true otter adventure.

In the Fresh and Freaky zone you will see sawfish, Marge, a freshwater crocodile and giant barramundi lurking in the depths.

The Billabongs and Backyards zone is home to the ancient Queensland lungfish, the archer fish and a growing collection of freshwater turtles. It's also home to lots of frogs, including green tree frogs and the pest of the nation — the cane toad!

Sharks Alive has three marine environments in a 2.5 million litre Oceanarium tunnel. The moving walkway allows you to explore a coral reef, cave and open ocean. There are grey nurse sharks, whitetip reef sharks, zebra sharks, sandbar whalers, rays, moray eels and colourful fish to see. For a real adrenaline rush, you can dive with them.

Crawly Creatures has the world's biggest exhibit of marine, land and migratory crabs. Giant Japanese spider crabs, robber crabs, coconut crabs and Christmas Island red crabs have found their way from various parts of the globe to UnderWater World.

There are 14 presentations every day at various locations around UnderWater World. Shark feeding and seal and otter shows are lots of fun.

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UnderWater World in Mooloolaba, Queensland.


UnderWater World entry is $32 for adult and $22 for children. Fourteen-day passes are $48 and $33. They are open every day between 9am and 5pm. Seal swims are $90 per person.

Virgin Blue has one-way flights to the Sunshine Coast from:

  • Sydney $114
  • Melbourne $139
  • Adelaide $169
  • Canberra $179
  • Hobart $200
  • Perth $299

There are limited seats, which may not be available at peak times or on all flights. Fares quoted are one-way booked on the internet. An extra $15 will be charged for phone bookings. A credit card surcharge of an additional $2 per person per one-way flight is applicable. Fares are correct at November 18, 2010 and are subject to change.

Prices correct at November 18, 2010.

For further information

Virgin Blue
Ph: 136 789

UnderWater World
Parkyn Parade
Mooloolaba 4557
Ph: (07) 5458 6280
Fax: (07) 5444 8515

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hey jason. know you've been asked this question probably a hundred times before.... but what make and model is the white watch you've been wearing on the show lately! want one lol thanks in advance! ben

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