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Brendon checks out the long-board.
Brendon checks out the long-board.
Learning the basics.
And he's done it.

Tandem surfing

Thursday, April 18, 2002
Learn to surf in one easy lesson. Sounds easy, but can Brendon get the hang of it?

Chris de Aboitiz moved from Sydney to Hawaii when he was just six years old and quickly got right into surfing, sailing and other water sports. With a partner, he won the world title for tandem surfing in 1999.

Fourteen years ago he came home to Noosa and is now the owner of Noosa Longboards, a job in which he teaches people how to master the waves.

Allyson Challender was a member of the Australian Aerobics team, and when she moved to the coast, she wanted to learn to surf. Her experience as a dancer, gymnast and aerobics champion helped her grasp the tricky sport pretty quickly.

She went to Queensland, met Chris — who taught her to longboard — and they formed the perfect partnership. They now demonstrate longboard riding and are aiming to compete on the world circuit.

Beginners' lessons go for about 90 minutes, and if you're quite fit and healthy, there is no reason you won't be standing upright on the board by the end of that time.

Lessons depend on conditions and tides, with mid-morning being the time they usually take place. They begin on the sand with a chat from Chris about technique, safety and conditions. The best way to learn is to hop on and off the board on the sand, and one of the main benefits of learning to surf on a longboard is that when they are in the water, they are very stable and float high.

The boards have a soft coating which helps prevent injury if you do fall off.

Chris has two longboard outlets — one on Hastings Street in Noosa and the other in Noosaville. He sells and rents new and second-hand longboards, as well as clothes and accessories.


Noosa, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast


Noosa Longboard lessons begin at $40 per person for 90 minutes. It operates year-round, depending on weather.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Noosa Longboards
Ph: (07) 5447 2828

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