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The surrounds of Treetops Cabins.
The surrounds of Treetops Cabins.
Treetops Cabins in Montville.
Inside the Possum Treetop.

Tree Tops Cabins

Thursday, July 6, 2000
Treetops' six luxury hand-built cabins are the perfect spot for a tranquil interlude, and nothing has been overlooked to make sure guests are taken care of.

Elevated timber walkways lead you through the rainforest canopy to the hidden and very private cabins. Each one is self-contained with a queen-size bed, double shower, log fire, comfortable sofas, soft lighting, television, video, spa and wonderful views which you can enjoy through the floor-to-ceiling windows or from the rainforest balcony.

The warmth of wood is evident throughout, from polished floorboards to benchtops and tables. There is a barbecue on the balcony, and you will find the makings for a delicious breakfast waiting for you: cereal, bread, muffins, tea, coffee and champagne.

For owners George and Aldy Johnson, the cabins are a labour of love, and they have included beautiful carved furniture, forged ironwork, pottery, leadlight and finishing touches handcrafted by local artists to give them that extra special finish. The idea is for couples to spend time together in relaxing surroundings, and the cabins have everything needed for that — soft cuddly robes, essential oil burners, and you can even book a soothing massage.

Probably the only visitors you will receive during your stay will be the friendly goanna family, possums, kangaroos, one of the 17 platypuses, or some of the 130 species of birds. If you want to be a little more sociable, you can visit the games room, which has a billiard table and video library.

Walking tracks wind through ancient rainforest to Obi Obi Creek with its shady pools, or The Narrows, a natural wilderness area where over the centuries the river has carved a path through solid rock.

The cabins are just five minutes from Montville, which has a good selection of restaurants and arts-and-crafts stores.


Montville, 45 minutes from Noosa.


Treetops Cabins on the Lake start at $220 per couple per night.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission.

More information

Treetops Cabins on the Lake
Ph: (07) 5478 5888; fax: (07) 5478 5166

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