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The big jump!
The big jump!
Catriona visits the site where Kucha set up camp.
Tribal Council — will Catriona win?


Thursday, February 28, 2002
Catriona takes the ultimate survivor test in the Queensland Outback... Can she outwit, outlast and outplay?

Watching people go through physical and mental hardships from the comfort of our lounge chairs has become a worldwide obsession. Survivor II, which was made in the outback of Far North Queensland, has been sold to 70 countries and was filmed with a budget of $134 million.

A crew of 250 lived on the privately owned Goshen Station for three months. There were producers, camera operators, caterers, carpenters, a masseuse and a barber, all living in this small town they virtually built in the middle of nowhere. The contestants had two camera crews with them around the clock, using infra-red film at night.

Goshen Station is a 28,500ha cattle station and has been owned by the Blenner family for four years. Some big changes were made for Survivor — a loop road was build around Goshen and a "Tribal Council" set was built at the top of Herbert River Falls about 400m from the contestants' camp. The base camp had tented accommodation plus a huge bar and recreation area. All that's left now is the road, the bar and the campsite at Kucha, with no evidence of any of the other additions.

Robbie Porter was an off-camera guide for the program, and apart from the camera crews, was the only contact the survivors had with the outside world. He now takes people on an eight-day tour of the Survivor set.

Today's conditions are not as primitive as those the contestants endured. Shelter, air mattresses and sleeping bags are provided, although the bathroom facilities have not improved. Permanent tent sites are set up at Kucha Camp, Challenge Beach Camp and Tribal Council Camp.

The canoeing part of the tour starts at Kucha Camp and the water is usually fast flowing. The canoes take two people and along the way you should see freshwater crocodiles, kangaroos, emus, pigs and cows. The trip covers 10km and takes about four hours.

Challenge Beach is where survivors vied for immunity rewards. Among the most testing challenges were obstacle courses, leaping off cliffs, seeing who could hold jugs of water aloft the longest and completing giant puzzles. There was also the spinning wheel where contestants had to eat raw liver, slugs and other appetising food!

An 8km hike through some beautiful countryside and wildlife takes you to Herbert River Falls. On the way you will see the 120m Butch Cassidy cliff from which the survivors had to jump.

The Tribal Council, set at the top of the Herbert River Falls, is where the survivors gathered every three days to vote off one of their own.


Near Glen Ruth, four hours south-west of Cairns.


The Adventure Company Australia runs the Official Survivor Tour from May to November. An eight-day tour costs $1590 per person including all meals, accommodation, transfers and guides.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

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