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Mossman River snorkell

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Daintree Rainforest north of Cairns in is one of the world's most diverse and beautiful examples of nature. It is home to the largest range of plants and animals on earth, all within Australia's largest chunk of rainforest. It covers around 1200 square kilometres.

The World Heritage Listed area contains the highest number of rare or threatened-with-extinction plant and animal species on the planet. The Daintree Rainforest is precariously balanced between the advances of development and the warnings of environmentalists.

It's home to 30 percent of Australia's frog, marsupial and reptile species, and 65 percent of its bat and butterfly species. Twenty percent of bird species in the country can be found in this area and it all lives in just 0.2 percent of Australia's landmass.

The Mossman River begins as a small highland stream 1300 metres above sea level. On its 30 kilometre journey to the tropical coast it accumulates water from the 240-year-old rainforest.

The pure, clean water is filtered by timeless rainforest giants, and on its way collects pristine water from similar creeks and streams. It plummets, plunges and cascades its way through cataracts and over 1000 metre falls.

Back Country Bliss Adventures, a fully accredited Wet Tropic World Heritage tour operator, has an exciting range of activities in Queensland's north. Mountain biking, sea kayaking, 4x4 sightseeing, rafting, soul food tours, bushwalking and kite surfing.

Their latest adventure is a must-try. Imagine the crystal clear Mossman River and you drift-snorkelling with the current. It can be a reality! It's safe, great fun and wetsuits and snorkelling gear are provided. An instructor accompanies you on your drift — a job someone has to do!

It can be an easy half-day adventure or combined with a tour to Cape Tribulation.


1.5 hours north of Cairns.


Back Country Bliss Adventures three hour river drift snorkelling tour for $59 per person. All gear, guide and complimentary pick up and return from your Port Douglas accommodation is provided.

Virgin Blue has flights to Cairns.

One-way fares from;
  • Brisbane, $139
  • Sydney, $179
  • Melbourne & Adelaide, $199
  • Darwin, $280
  • Perth, $330

There are limited seats which may not be available at peak times or on all flights. Fares are one-way on the Net. An extra $15 will be charged for phone bookings. A credit card surcharge of an additional $2 per person per one way flight is applicable. Fares are correct at October 25, 2007 and are subject to change.

For more information

Back Country Bliss
Box 974, Post Office
Port Douglas 4877
Ph: (07) 4099 3677

Virgin Blue
Ph: 13 6789

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