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Ben is ready for takeoff.
Ben is ready for takeoff.
...and he survived it.

Antique Airways

Thursday, May 17, 2001
Ben takes to the skies this week in a Tiger Moth, so buckle up and get ready to watch how quickly he gets scared!

Warwick Woinarski owns Antique Airways. To him, going to work every day of the week is not really working. Flying is his love and he is fortunate enough to own a Tiger Moth and a Beech Staggerwing, as well as operating a Beech 18 for another company.

Warwick, or "Wok" to his mates, has always loved old machinery. When he was learning to fly in Mt Gambier there was a Tiger Moth stored in a hangar. Whenever it came out, Warwick was fascinated. He ended up buying his first Moth for $4000 — nearly 30 years ago.

Warwick's Tiger Moth — which, by the way, is worth more than $70,000 — is used for joy flights, and there are five tours to choose from. He can take you on a gentle 15-minute flight along the Redcliffe Peninsula to Lake Samsonvale, over the Glasshouse Mountains and up the coast to Brisbane. For the more adventurous passenger, he offers 30 minutes of aerobatics and scenics. If none of these appeals, Warwick will custom tailor a special flight, just for you.

Warwick's Moth has about 7000 flying hours on it — which is average for the aircraft (built in Sydney in 1940). It started life as a WWII trainer and in the 1950s it earned its keep as a crop duster. There are only about 200 of them left in Australia, and Warwick's, which is yellow and black, really stands out.

In Tiger Moths the pilot flies from the back seat and the passenger sits in front enjoying uninterrupted views. There is an intercom system for communication but no controls for the passenger to take hold of! Most passengers really enjoy the rolls and loops.

The Beech Staggerwing aeroplane is one of only three remaining in the world and is valued at up to $1 million. Warwick takes it to air shows but it's usually in Antique Airways' hangar. If you want to fly in it, tours go for four, eight or 12 days. Tours cater for groups of six people. As well as the pilot, there is a hostess in a 1930s-style uniform, matching the era of the aircraft.


Redcliffe Peninsula, 30 minutes from Brisbane


Antique Airways' half hour aerobatic joy flights cost $165 per person. They operate 7 days a week.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Antique Airways
Redcliffe Aerodrome
1a Wirraway Drive
Kippa-Ring QLD 4021

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