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Great Keppel Island: a local paradise

17:30 AEST Sat Mar 10 2012
Great Keppel Island enjoys a warm, sunny climate and safe swimming beaches year round, so it's right up Kelly Landry's alley.

One the most famous of the Queensland islands, people flocked there to 'get wrecked', but that marketing slogan drove people away. These days it's much quieter and a great destination for families.

User comments
I went and had the "get wrecked" experience in 1983 and I thought it was a good marketing gimmic, the island was hopping - had the best time. Was the perfect place for a holiday for single 20 somethings - I'm sure lots of others would agree.
went over 2day for the second time since the resort was shut (3rd time visiting). Looks like a bit of a ghost town now, most buildings there are old, not much looks too inviting off the beach. Beautiful waters and nice for snorkeling and water sports. Resort should be restored, it was just a different experience with the resort.
Its a great place to go for a working holiday.. I was there when INXS was there.
I went to Great Kepple about 2 years ago and I loved it, and the island should be restored again. LOVE you Great Kepple

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