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Movieworld: Hollywood Stunt Driver

Thursday, March 12, 2009
If you've visited Movieworld on the Gold Coast over the past 17 years, chances are you've seen the Police Academy show. It has clocked up more than 18,000 performances.

After such a long and successful run, the powers that be decided to put it to rest, and at the end of last year a new attraction opened.

Hollywood Stunt Driver is the first show of its kind in Australia, and Daredevil Dermott Brereton volunteered to check it out.

The purpose-built and designed arena cost $10 million to set up, and creative director Michael Croaker and driving coordinator Gavin Coleman say hundreds of hours of driving training went into the preparation. Two-wheel driving doing the figure eight takes two months of intense training. Learning to ride a motorbike through fire doesn't happen overnight.

Stunts incorporate precision driving, explosions, crashes and terrifying scenes of high drama, all recreating shots from a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

It also involves live action and slapstick humour, a high level of audience participation, green-screen technology, pyrotechnics and stunts drawn together in a climactic storyline.

Being part of it all is great fun. Meet the crew and director and watch what they are filming on the big screen as the real action takes place right before your eyes.

It can be scary when you may think things are going wrong, but the drivers are so adept and controlled, they are actually executing their stunts to exact precision. Stunt drivers, also known as "hell drivers", love the new action, and for 20 minutes they take you on an incredible journey that will entertain and leave you enthralled.


Queensland's Gold Coast.


Movieworld Stunt Driver entry is $69.95 for adults and $45.95 for children. There are at least two shows every day.

Prices correct at March 12, 2009.

For further information

Warner Bros Movie World
Pacific Motorway
Oxenford 4210
Ph: 133 386

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