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Jules checks it out
Jules check it out
Inside the spacewalker

Gold Coast Spacewalker

Thursday, November 4, 2004

SpaceWalker is a two-hour inter-galactic journey, suitable for anyone 10 and over.

Surfers Paradise's latest entertainment attraction is fun right from the word go. As visitors enter Earth Station, they receive a passport to the universe.

The passport gives SpaceWalkers access to the teleporter, a lift which will blast you into space (which is really just the next level). The lift has glass walls and a rotating floor and as the doors close, a projection effect gives people on the ground floor the impression that those inside the lift have disappeared.

SpaceWalkers disembark into the arrivals lounge, known as Star Station Zeta. It resembles an airport arrivals lounge, but is decked out like a space ship, with television monitors and announcements about your arrival in space.

Passengers go to the curved space counter, where they check their luggage in with staff members in space suits. The arrivals lounge has a series of strangely-shaped air-locked doors which open as people approach.

SpaceWalkers enter the discovery pods. The first has upright seating and 3D viewing panels. The second has a foam base which creates a spacey feeling as you walk. There are glow-in-the-dark aliens on the walls.

The body scan area has a frame with glowing footpads. With blasting sound effects, your body is scanned as a biological ID imprint to assist with molecule recovery and reconstruction should you become lost in space. The photographs can be purchased later.

There is a choice as to your next destination. At the Deep Space airlock, SpaceWalkers can enter deep space through the Stellar Vortex wormhole or the Space Jump's stargate into hyperspace.

If you choose the wormhole, there is a wind effect, giving the feeling of being sucked into space. You then step onto the Wormhole Bridge, a three-metre tube that gives the feeling of rotation.

Space Jump has special lighting which creates the effect of jumping into space.

When you step onto the SpaceWalk with its blue railing, you overlook models of planets in a dark environment with lit comets shooting past.

To leave, you have another two choices. You can step into the massive black hole and out onto a moving platform which takes you through a tube. You are treated to a series of explosions of light and sound effects. Then you enter another large hold, which leads to an air-locked door and back into the arrivals lounge.

Star Gate is the other choice. You step onto a lit, soft foam structure. The walls, ceiling and floor are glass and the green light and explosions create the feeling of being attacked by aliens. Then it's through an air-locked door and back to the arrivals lounge.


Surfers Paradise on Queensland's Gold Coast


The SpaceWalker costs $34.90 for adults and $24.90 for children. It is open every day from 10am to 10pm. Closed on Christmas Day and half-day on Anzac Day.
Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

Piazza on the Boulevard
Surfers Paradise Blvd and Elkhorn Avenue
Surfers Paradise 4217
Ph: (07) 5585 8100
Fax: (07) 5592 3700

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