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Ben in combat
Ben in combat
Laser weapons
Sighting the enemy
Cedar Creek Lodge

Gold Coast Laser Skirmish

Thursday, January 9, 2003
Laser skirmish is an outdoor combat team sport, similar to paintball without the bruises.

This involves non-contact competitive military simulation and combat-like scenarios such as VIP escort, urban assaults, counter-terrorist missions and games based on real and created wars.

The sport was launched in Australia in 1999 by Scapequest, and they stress it is different from paintball skirmish and laser tag. They operate at Thunderbird Park in the Gold Coast hinterland on a purpose-built battlefield about the size of a soccer field.

For the beginner, it is divided into four games called missions. Each lasts 20 to 30 minutes and increases in difficulty. New tactics are introduced, and team work becomes more and more important.

You wear combat gear and are given a mission briefing with explanations on how to use the infra-red guns, the rules, objectives and most importantly, safety rules.

Base assault involves two sides — one defending their bunker or flag from the other team who is attacking. Each person is allowed up to five hits before they are "dead". They must learn to co-ordinate and communicate to achieve victory and once there is a winner, roles are reversed.

In 1998 a major breakthrough in infra-red technology allowed long-range fire in daylight. The invisible beam is sent from the gun which the opponents can see, and there is also a "bang" sound.

Silicon sensors mounted onto your headgear detect hits from the three metal guns.

A Morita is a light machine gun with telescopic scope and 800 rounds of ammunition. Its firing range is more than 150 metres.

The Pulse SMG is a smaller rifle, also with telescopic scope and 450 rounds of ammunition per game. It too can fire more than 150 metres.

A Spitfire is a machine pistol with 240 rounds of ammunition each game and a range of more than 80 metres.

Cedar Creek Cottages are nestled in 130 hectares of virgin rainforest and mountain valley bushland. They are handy to the skirmish, wildlife sanctuary, bird feeding, horseriding and you can fossick for thunder eggs.

There's mini golf, volley ball, bush walking, rock pools, four-wheel drive tracks, a local craft boutique and natural therapy centre.

They offer many levels of accommodation from luxury creek lodges to motel style hillside lodges, student bunkhouses and camping sites. Each accommodation is separate so privacy is ensured.


Mount Tamborine, one hour from Coolangatta.


Laser skirmish costs $15 per person an hour.

Cedar Creek Lodges are $119 a double a night, including breakfast. Camping starts at $8.
Please note that prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowlegde are inclusive of GST.

More information

Laser Skirmish
Ph: 1300 666 559
Fax: 1300 666 549

Cedar Creek Lodges
Tamborine Mountain Road
Tamborine Mountain 4272
Ph: (07) 5545 1468

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