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David wants to see how his driving skills hold up.
David wants to see how his driving skills hold up.
David is driving okay … so far.
The track at the Holden Performance Centre.

Holden Performance Driving

Thursday, June 7, 2001
If you want to get the best out of your driving in the safest way, drive to survive is the course for you.

Mention the name Frank Gardner to anyone who knows their car racing and they can rattle off his contribution to the sport in Australia. He was the first driver to notch up 100 touring car wins and has driven for Porsche, Brabham Lotus and General Motors. He still holds the outright speed record at Le Mans.

Frank and two partners own the Holden Performance Driving Centre in Norwell. He plays an integral role in the running of the centre, having written the Drive to Survive book which is used there.

The 20-hectare area has a two-kilometre training circuit, a 100m skid pan and a metal turntable which throws the car off in different directions.

All courses are done in Holden Commodores, both manual and automatic, and anyone with a P-plate or above can take part.

The quickest course is the Technique program, which lasts a couple of hours and leads into the Driving Technique course.

The Level 1 Certificate course is a full day program, which starts with a 45-minute lecture with the rest of the day spent behind the wheel.

Level 2 is run over two half-day sessions and is more intensive, with the use of the turntable for skid control. Level 2 can be done without having done Level 1.

Level 3 is more intensive, and students must have completed Level 2 before they can tackle this one. The exercises are more difficult and the circuit lap speed is faster.

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport licence — which is necessary for those who want to race cars — can be acquired here during a two-day course.

There is also a two-day 4WD off-road course on the 4WD site. There are a couple of Jackaroos available, but most drivers are those who have just purchased their own 4WD and want to get the best out of it in the safest way.


Norwell, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Holden Performance basic program costs $49 per driver and the advanced driver certification courses start at $324.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Performance Driving Centre
75 Norwell Road, Norwell, 4208
Ph: (07) 5546 1366
Fax: (07) 5546 1300

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