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Brendon at the park
Brendon at the park

Landcruiser Mountain Park

Thursday, June 3, 2004
For those who've been thinking of purchasing a four-wheel drive but have been a bit wary about handling one, Jimna is the place to go!

Australia has the highest number of four-wheel drivers per capita in the world. Each year thousands of families pile in with the dog and kitchen sink and head into the bush.

Two hours north of Brisbane, near Jimna in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, is Landcruiser Mountain Park. It's well worth a visit for those looking for off-road and bush camping adventures.

This is a working cattle property of 3600 hectares and Queensland's first privately-owned park open to four-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

Two hundred kilometres of specially-designed four-wheel-drive trails suitable for beginners and experienced off-road drivers are there to test your skills while you negotiate hills and gullies, washouts and creek crossings.

You can camp anywhere on the property, which has been rated one of south-east Queensland's top 10 spots. It has grassy, shady camping sites beside creeks, perfect for relaxing round a campfire and enjoying the peace and quiet of the bush.

The two main campsites are Cowah Falls and Trakka Terrace, which have hot showers, toilets and barbecue facilities, but if it’s seclusion you’re after, you are free to camp wherever you like.

Rules are commonsense — no polluting creeks and waterholes with soap or detergent, no littering and exercise great care with campfires.

Visitors can swim in the creeks and waterholes, but when they’re full, it’s a good idea to check the depth and any obstacles which may have found their way in. The Park's other main activity is bushwalking.

For those who’ve been thinking of purchasing a four-wheel-drive vehicle but are a bit wary about handling one, Jimna again is the place to go.

Billabong Off Road training has been in business since 1987. They have a centre in Queensland's Clontarf, where they sell new and used four-wheel-drives as well as running a service centre. They now conduct courses at Landcruiser Park.

Billabong is licensed to operate in state forests as a commercial enterprise. They take groups out for sightseeing and to identify flora and fauna.

Billabong’s driver training section has accreditation from local, state and federal governments and has trained numerous departments, such as emergency services, Queensland Forestry, Corrective Services and Queensland Rural Fire Services, as well as private citizens. They also train the drivers of Variety Club of Queensland buses.

They use Toyota Landcruisers and a Nissan Patrol Wagon.


Jimna, two hours north of Brisbane.


Landcruiser Mountain Park private entry costs $18 per day.
Billabong Off Road driving courses start at $231 per person. They operate by demand.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

Landcruiser Mountain Park
Jimna via Kilcoy 4515
Ph/Fax: (07) 5497 3164

Qantas 13 13 13

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