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Swimming where it's safe.
Swimming where it's safe.
The safari tour.
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Cape Tribulation Safari

Thursday, November 22, 2001
Catriona ventures on a tropical safari through Australia's deep north.

Around 600 day trips start from Cairns, and one of the most popular is the Adventure Company's one-day safari to Cape Tribulation. They operate 4WD safaris and other adventure tours, all accompanied by a naturalist guide who doubles as your driver.

Passengers are collected from their hotel in Cairns, Northern Beaches or Port Douglas and driven along the Captain Cook Highway to Mossman Gorge, about 2½ hours north. Only 5000 people live in the old sugarcane town, and the Queenslander pub and sugar mill make it picture-postcard perfect.

You will have around 45 minutes at Mossman Gorge and you can swim in the crystal waters, walk through the rainforest via a suspension bridge or go rock hopping. The rainforest is part of the Daintree National Park.

Mossman is Australia's most northerly sugar-growing town. It is also a tropical fruit-growing centre. Your tour takes you through the cane fields to the Daintree River, which is 130km long, boasting superb wildlife and vegetation, including 30 species of mangrove. There you leave the bus and board a boat to do some serious wildlife spotting. Your destination will depend upon where the crocodiles have been seen that day, and you will see them, as well as other wildlife and plenty of birds. Keep your eyes open for a toothless old crocodile named Gummy! He's a real favourite on the river.

Another attraction on the cruise is snake spotting — there are green tree snakes as well as pythons. Your guide will handle them so you can get a close look, but it's best to let him decide which are safe!

After the cruise you board the 4WD again and head north for an hour to Cape Tribulation. This beautiful place is famous for its fantastic scenery, gorges, lookouts, long beaches, wonderful tree ferns and forest-covered cape. You can see the Barrier Reef from Cape Tribulation — it is just a 45-minute trip by fast launch.

Lunch is a feast served at the Coconut Beach Rainforest Resort. This four-storey-high timber structure has accommodation and a restaurant for residents and day-trippers. After enjoying the delicious lunch, most people like to relax or take a stroll on Coconut Beach. You are welcome to enjoy the milk and meat of the delicious coconuts which have dropped from the trees.

Thirty minutes further on is the Mardja Botanical Boardwalk. It has a one-kilometre continuous loop boardwalk that takes you through the rainforest as well as out into the mangroves. Just one metre off the ground, it is an easy stroll. It takes around an hour to walk the loop.


North of Cairns in northern Queensland.


The Adventure Company one-day safaris cost $129 for adults and $90 for children. Guide, park fees and lunch are included.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

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