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David gets ready
David gets ready
And he's off

MSI Racing

Thursday, January 9, 2003
David feels the need, the need for speed at the raceway.

Rod Polain spent 18 months researching and developing MSI (Motor Sport International). His passion for motor car racing stems from his childhood when he watched his father who was a racer for 50 years.

Some years ago Rod saw some Formula 440 cars for sale and thought how much he would like to have them and start a business. A few years later he bought six cars which were built in Australia and designed around the American Formula 440. They have the same engine, clutch and running gear as other race cars, but have been modified to suit novice drivers.

They have just an accelerator and brake. The clutch operates centrifugally, so it's as easy as driving an automatic vehicle.

Rod's are the only cars of their kind in Queensland and they go faster than go-karts with 99 percent true racing experience and just one percent technical experience required.

The circuit is 2.2 kilometres and is not totally flat. There are hay bales on corners, just in case. As in most motor club sport events, sessions are in a lap-dash format where cars are spaced around the circuit with staggered starts. This way drivers are going fast enough to lap without catching each other.

Flag marshals give directions and they must be followed, or you will be told to leave the track. Marshals have a remote control shutdown system and if anyone is not sticking to the rules, they can demobilise the engine. Yellow means slow down, red means stop, and the end of the race is marked by a chequered flag.

Sessions last about 10-15 minutes, which is quite long enough as the racing suit, fireproof balaclava, gloves and helmet can make you quite warm. Six cars are on the track at one time and you have three to four sessions, giving you roughly an hour of drive time.

After a briefing you are secured in the car with a harness seatbelt and off you go to do 8-10 laps, depending on your speed. The limit is 100kph, and timekeepers will let you know at the end what you reached.

Racing days are once a month. Groups are between 20 and 40 and the winner receives a trophy.

Lunch can be included in a package and there are three styles to choose from: Grand Prix Gourmet Barbecue, Le Mans Chicken and Champagne and Formula 2 World Champion Spit Roast.


Ormeau, 45 minutes south of Brisbane.


MRI Racing packages start at $250 a person. They run year round, by appointment.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

MSI Racing
168 Signato Drive, Oxenford 4210
Ph: (07) 5561 8400
Fax: (07) 5561 8500

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