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Picking grapes
Picking grapes
Lunching in the sun

Mt Nebo Retreat

Thursday, August 1, 2002
Pick some grapes, make some wine and enjoy a delicious lunch … oh and did we mention the beer is free!

Mt Nebo Vineyard Retreat takes up five hectares on the sea side of the 28,500 hectare Brisbane Forest Park. It sits on a crest and has views of the ocean, Moreton Island and the Samford Valley.

More than a hectare of the property is planted with 1500 grape vines, and another half hectare grows coffee and olives.

When Greg and Emily Jardine bought Mt Nebo Retreat, it was covered in untidy scrub and dry bush, a house, landscaped areas and paving. They cleared the scrub but kept the rest, adapting it to become what it is today.

The Jardines have brought plenty of experience to their retreat, having lived in the United States, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Belgium and Sydney. Greg has a degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry and honours in Organic Chemistry, both of which have helped in their venture. His lifelong passion for gardening and growing has also added to their success.

Mt Nebo locals thought there was not a chance of growing wine in the area, but the vines — which Greg grafted for the particular site — have already yielded their second vintage, which was early for such a young vineyard.

There are two one-bedroom units and one two-bedroom unit for guests, each with its own bathroom and kitchen.

The two-bedroom unit — The Gallery — has been kitted out with local Mt Glorious timber, right down to the toothbrush holder.

The one-bedroom unit with courtyard is wheelchair accessible and is also done in local timber. Internet access is provided.

The other one-bedder is on the valley side with views and its décor is in a more contemporary style.

The Jardines' philosophy is to eat and drink from the source as much as possible, so much of what you eat is grown there. Breakfast is bacon, free range eggs, tomatoes and vegetables.

The Olive Pickers' Lunch might be dukkah and fine olive oil, hard boiled eggs, sharp cheese, crispy bread and home grown salad.

Dinner is usually a Korean barbecue or thinly sliced beef, lamb and pork and garden vegetables, cooked in the courtyard on a special hotplate. Guests have overwhelmingly delighted in the new taste sensation. Redclaw crayfish can be incorporated into the barbecue.

Emily Jardine makes rosella and red wine jam, ice cream sauce and olive all, all of which have been so popular they bottle it for people to buy and take home. Guests can help themselves to sparkling red wine, two types of micro-brew beer and delicious non-alcoholic ginger beer.

Mt Nebo Vineyard Retreat is wheelchair, children and dog friendly!


30 minutes drive from Brisbane.


Mt Nebo Bed and Brew costs $150 per couple per night.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Mt Nebo Vineyard Retreat
1076 Mt Nebo Road, Mt Nebo 4520
Ph: (07) 3289 5111 Fax: (07) 3289 5102

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