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The best job in the world? Behind the scenes with the Getaway crew

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jetsetting around the world, hanging out in the most desirable holiday locations on the planet, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and TV presenters — you could argue that it's the Getaway film crew who really have the best job in the world. Read on to meet the people who make the show happen on location and what they think of the gig:

Gilbert "Gilly" Farkas, cameraman

Time with Getaway: 17 years

What's the best thing about your job? Everything! I'd say I've definitely got the best job in the world. There's so much camaraderie within the team. Travelling and working at the same time can be stressful, so if you did it with the wrong people, it would be hell. But over time the crew becomes like a second family.

What's the worst thing about the job? Being away from home. Being sick in hospital with no-one to help you because they have to keep working!

Gary Lacroix, sound recordist

Time with Getaway: four years

What's the best thing about your job? Seeing new places. I still remember my first trip with Getaway to Tuscany. The visuals of the locations we go to just blow me away.

What's the worst thing about the job? Collecting all our bags from the airport carousel and getting through customs, unpacking and repacking, over and over again!

Rochelle Martin, producer

Time with Getaway: five years

What's the best thing about your job? Travelling to new places, meeting interesting people, and the relationship with the crew — we're like a dysfunctional family travelling around the world!

What's the worst thing about the job? Travelling with twenty cases of gear!

Natalie Gruzlewski, presenter

Time with Getaway: five years

What's the best thing about your job? Exploring the world, and then getting to share my experiences via the show. There's no such thing as a dull day at the office. We hit the ground running, and do just about everything ourselves — no makeup artists, hair stylists, drivers, assistants. It's always interesting.

What's the worst thing about the job? Lost luggage and missed flights!

And finally, we asked the crew for their advice to someone who wants a job on a program like Getaway:

"It's as much about being part of the team and getting on with people as doing the actual job. If you can get up in the dark, jump on a plane, drive for six hours in a foreign country, jump out and start filming without losing your temper, you're off to a good start. Also you need to be prepared to be away from your friends and family for long periods of time. You need an understanding partner and to be prepared for some massive phone bills. Bring them lots of duty free gifts to keep them sweet!"

User comments
Hi im currently in my second year of Media Arts and am interested in being a cameraman within the advertising, commercial, tourism industry. Imm currently 20 years of age and haven't seen any of the world besides Australia but am wanting to one day pursue the same job as you guys have. Like many others, it would be gladly appreciated if you could direct me in the same way as your path so i could one day hopefully fulfil my dreams and am not fussed on where i start in terms of the hierarchy table as i know everyone has to work there way up. Kind regards Jamil Luketic
I have been travelling all my life and have seen alot of Australia and touched on countries all over the world, but I havn't even come close to seeing everything I want to yet. I have performed infront of the camera before while working on the QE2 and loved it, not surprisingly though as I am a very confident and social person and loved drama in school. So I am wanting to apply for a job at getaway as a presenter and was hoping I could get a nudge in the right direction. Any pointers??
how does one get a position with getaway? I'm a flight attendant, I have a passion for travel and I have a very positive attitude. I'm a person for a flavour for different cultures.
I love your show, i think its amazing how you get to travel and see the world. I really want a job like this, it would be perfect to see the world and work at the same time. How do you get a job in getaway?
We miss you being away from home too!!! Love the duty free gifts tip! Love you Gilly xxx Chris
Hi Uys LOve the show! Why don't you guys visit Montenegro's coast line? Budva, Kotor, etc. That place is SOOO beautiful! 1000 times better than Greece, Greece is rocks and ruble! Montenegro is absolutely stunning. Would be nice to see a different location. I've been there so many times, wouldn't go back to Greece after discovering Montenegro.
To whom it may consern, my name is paislee and i have wanted to get a job on your television show since i was 10 years old i am currently 13, and in school. i would really like some infomation on how to get a job on get away such as the skills you need to do for this job,how long the training takes,what training do you need,what kind of hours would be invold,what kind of wage would you ern and the kinds of inviroment you would work in. yours faithfuly, paislee.
dude, if your envious you really are not the kind of person they want. the kind of person they want will be a positive go getter who has a vision and will do what it takes (in an ethical manner) to get what they want. simple as that, you dont stand a chance.
How does one get a position with Getaway

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