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Dracula's Haunted House

Thursday, May 1, 2008
The Newman family has opened the creaky doors to their Haunted House. Those brave enough, can make their way through a purpose-built five-storey building, each level presenting a chilling theme.

Be amazed, and maybe a little bit scared, by optical illusions, horror displays, animated sculptures, endless labyrinths of haunted passages and state-of-the-art special effects. There are dare doors, leaping monsters, giant spiders and creepy ghosts.

To add to the fun, there are tongue-in-cheek local themes. Guests of the Haunted House are greeted by the Mayor of the Gold Coast Underworld before encountering Zombie Meter Maids, the shark-savaged surf lifesaver, a massive funnel web spider. They also experience the terror of a white pointer shark attack.

Other levels feature the Carnival of Freaks Museum where guest wander at their own pace and experience weird and hysterical collections of horror memorabilia, optical illusions and other oddities.

Also there to amuse and maybe scare the pants off you are the Vampire Lair, Mirror Maze and Phobia Level.

Just across town is Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant. Dress is strictly smart casual or Gothic.

It's fun from the second you arrive. There is a ghost train ride, library with sliding bookcase, Houdini Magic Room with an animated fortune teller and a smoking parlour with animated skeletons.

The cocktail lounge has glass coffins set in the floor and a spitting spider. There is an electric chair, hanging corpse, the ghost in the mirror and living suits of armour. Discover secret passages and have a hit in the oxygen bar. There is even a Shop of Horrors souvenir store.

Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant offers a quality three-course meal with a choice of five main courses. It is fully licensed and the Graveyard Cocktail Lounge offers an extensive range of exotic drinks.


Queensland's Gold Coast


Dracula's Haunted House entry is $23 for adults and $19 for children. Open every day from 10am until late.

Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant two-hour live cabaret, including three-course dinner, is from $67 per person. Arrive between 6pm and 6:30pm. Vegetarians are catered for and it is recommended patrons are 13 years and over. There is also one in Melbourne.

For further information

Dracula's Haunted House
3177 Surfers Paradise Boulevard
Surfers Paradise 4217
Ph: (07) 5592 5534

Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant
1 Hooker Boulevard
Broadbeach 4218
Ph: (07) 5575 1000

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User comments
this girl who is 11 years of age is wanting to go in, is it ok? would she cry? or pee her pants? Is the monsters going to touch us?
I had so much fun at Haunted house, and will hopefully return. Although scary it was te best experience, hopefully will go to the restaurant soon. The photo was the funniest part!
I've been up to the gold coast many times but i have never ventured into the cabaret restaurant. On a trip with my boyfriend earlier this year i was persuaded and we made a booking. It was honestly the highlight of the trip for both of us. The food was amazing, show was fantastic and the waitresses and waiters were hilarious. Even the ghost train which i had my eyes closed for the majority of the ride, was quite good. I cant wait to go there again and i strongly recommend anyone traveling anywhere near Dracula's to enter for the time of your life!
I went and experienced the whole Draclua's returant and show for my 25th birthday. the night was completely unreal and something i would reccommend to anyone who wants to experience the best night of your lives. although a little bit on the expensive side, the night that you get is worth ten times more than what you pay for.....
Well what an awesome night we had!! I would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone. Our table was a mix of young and old and we all laughed so hard our sides nearly split!! I think the staff did an amazing job and were very true to their Characters. Vlad is an absolute hoot and really does steal the show but they are all so talented and good value. It's not just gothic, it's comedy, magic for want of a better word lol and just a really fun great night that I would seriously go again and again!! Monique
I went to Dracula's Caberet and Restaurant last year. It was such a fun experience. I am 22 and the biggest scaredy cat ever so I closed my eyes for the ghost train you have to ride on to get to your destination, opening my eyes part way through I realised hmm it's actually not scary but just a bit of fun. The show was funny and entertaining and the food was fantastic, the kind of food you'd expect to see at a 5 start classy restaurant....If that restaurant served their deserts in a choclate casing shaped like a coffin. I would seriously recommend this place to everyone - tourists, families, couples - everyone!!
Absolutely awesome! I went to Dracula's back in March 08, and I laughed so much my cheeks hurt! The costumes, acts, food, and themes are awesome, especially if you like the dark, gothic look! All the wait staff are dressed up all freaky goth, and the actors actually come out and sociallise with the guests after the show! I had the best night there, and definately recommend it for anyone!
I went to this show at the beginning of they year and i loved it! the food was great, drinks were very creative!! and was just a great show all round. would definately go again
"$23 for adults and $19 for children" you've got to be kidding me! Whay is everything on the Gold Coast so darn expensive for kids. I there a $5 game of crazy golf anywhere here? My kids would love that much more...but I bet they now charge through the roof as well!

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