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Ben is fascinated

Territory Wildlife Park

Thursday, November 13, 2003
Ben visits the zoo where the animals get to run free and you get up close and personal with them.

The Territory Wildlife Park is a major nature attraction, owned and operated by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory. Established in 1989, it gives an exceptional introduction to the region's natural wonders. Zookeepers assist in research projects and facilitate breeding programs for rare and endangered wildlife.

The 400ha park is just 45 minutes south of Darwin on the way to Litchfield National Park and more than worth a visit.

You can explore an entire Top End river system in the aquarium, walk through a massive aviary and be close to elusive animals as they go about their routines in the nocturnal house. You can wander through wetlands, experience the view from a bird-hide overlooking a natural lagoon or just find a shady spot and enjoy your surroundings.

On the Woodland Walk you can enjoy the company of kangaroos, wallabies and other native animals. You will also see how introduced hard-hoofed animals such as water buffalo, deer and feral pigs have had an impact on the sensitive environment.

The aquarium takes you up close to wildlife which lives in rockpools, creeks, rivers and harbours.

Aviaries display birds in their natural environments, including grasslands, monsoon forest, wet woodlands, billabongs and mangroves. The Monsoon Forest has a path which meanders through a kilometre of rainforest past a freshwater spring.

You will see free-flying birds of prey — the owl, osprey, white-bellied sea eagle and wedge-tailed eagle demonstrate their skills at close range.

Goose Lagoon attracts a wide variety of wild birds. Magpie geese prove to be a handful for the keepers. They insist on stealing food from other birds!

Pelicans and wild birds feed at the Billabong and there are usually impromptu visits from wild water monitors, long-necked turtles and freshwater crocodiles.

The Nocturnal House is a must. It is home to common, rare and endangered animals and the spotlight tour is very special.

Ghost bats roost in caves, old mine tunnels and deep cracks in rocks. They live in colonies which are decreasing in number as their roosting sites are being destroyed.


Berry Springs, 45 minutes south of Darwin


Territory Wildlife Park entry costs $18 for adults and $40 for a family.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

Territory Wildlife Park
Cox Peninsula Road, Berry Springs 0837
Ph: (08) 8988 7200, Fax: (08) 8988 7201

Qantas: 13 13 13

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