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Out and about mustering.
Out and about mustering.
Catriona mustering.
Learning the tricks.

Jillaroo School

Thursday, September 13, 2001
Learn all there is to know, from shoeing a horse to saddling up and mustering cattle.

The Jillaroo-Jackaroo course run at the Northern Territory Rural Collect Campus in Katherine is part of the Northern Territory University. It has been running since 1979, with courses taking 15 weeks and running year round. At the completion of the course, students can go on to complete the Advanced Jillaroo-Jackaroo course if they wish.

There are nine dormitories on the campus, each accommodating 10, and students work six days each week, with Sunday being the day everyone has a well-deserved sleep in.

A large number of the students come from the city, with a dream of riding horses, mustering cattle and enjoying country life.

About one-third of the course is spent learning the skills of handling horses and cattle of different temperaments, as well as mustering.

Maintenance of equipment is part of the curriculum — checking saddles so they won't break during muster and knowing how to saddle a horse, as well as leading them onto and off a truck or float, are very important skills to have. Students are also shown how to shoe a horse.

Other hands-on activities are welding and vehicle maintenance, chainsaw operation, riding motorbikes, learning safety aspects and preparing animals for competitions.

Part of the course is conducted an hour away on Mataranka, a fully operational station belonging to the Northern Territory Rural College. The hands-on experience doesn't come easily — days begin at 4am and are likely to end at 8.30pm.


Katherine, three hours from Darwin in the Northern Territory.


The Northern Territory Rural College Jillaroo-Jackaroo course costs $420, plus $150 a week for meals and accommodation.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Northern Territory Rural College
PMB 155 Katherine, NT 0852
Ph: (08) 8973 8311
Fax: (08) 8973 8300

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