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Kakadu scenic flight

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Ben Dark loves the Northern Territory, so much so he lives there. Many Australians and international visitors have visited the territory, but mostly in the dry season. Ben reckons the best time to visit Kakadu is during the wet when water rages off the escarpment and onto the flood plains. Wild thunderstorms and huge raindrops hitting the colourful terrain creating nature's rock art.

Some areas are inaccessible during the wet season but a helicopter flight will give you the most wonderful perspective of the ancient area, seeing hidden areas not visible from the ground.

Ben took off in one of North Australian Helicopters' Robinson R44s and enjoyed breathtaking views of the Arnhem Land plateau, Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls. Jim Jim Falls are higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Twin Falls are twice the height of the Statue of Liberty!

The helicopter tours also take in the tropical rainforest pockets, Lightning Dreaming, Ranger Uranium Mine and the beautiful Double Falls. Tours fly over the wonderfully named Deaf Adder Gorge which contains sacred Aboriginal sites not accessible to the public.

Wildlife can be spotted on the flood plains including plenty of crocodiles. And native vegetation is encouraged by the wet to flourish and attract birdlife back to the area.

Kakadu National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it covers around 110,000 square kilometres of the Northern Territory and is Australia's largest national park.


Out of Jabiru in the Northern Territory.


North Australian Helicopters flights take 25 to 80 minutes and prices start at $220 for adults and $150 for children under 10 years. They depart from Jabiru Airport and operate year round, depending on the weather. Most rain falls between January and March. They also operate out of Katherine Gorge.

Prices correct at June 25, 2009.

For further information

North Australian Helicopters
Ph: 1800 621 717

User comments
It is one of the most beautiful places anyone could visit. I canot wait to return. I tell everyone who has not been , please make sure if you only do it once, you really must see this magnificent area.My daughter now lives in Canada and I never fail to tell her Canadian and American friends of this wonderful place. I dont agree however what a previous person had wrote saying why would you visit anywhere else in the world, that is an extremly 1 eyed ignorant statement, as I have been lucky enough to see such other very beautiful places in the world, and there is many more that I would love to see, but due to age and of course funds I probably never will. Dont say there is nowhere else worth visiting like the Territory as that is totally not right, it still does not alter the fact though that I doubt there is many places left in the world now that has such natural beauty and most import of couse is completely unspoilt by man for the most part.
We are now off to Kakadu and Darwin in November after seeing your segment on the helicopter flight over Darwin and I am sure the flight will be part of it. Thank you for making up our minds of where to go!
Why in the world would anyone rather see overseas, when we have this beautiful, stunning gem right here. I am so proud to be an aussie after seeing this awesome location, it is the most beautiful place. Congratulations Getaway, for finally showing a magnificent Australian location, should be more of our glorious country shown. Not all of us can afford to go overseas to those expensive holidays you show, we would much rather see what is available in our own back yard first. How about an all Australian Getaway, showing the world our beautiful, stunning country. Well done, Getaway, well done, fantastic story.

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