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Northern Territory heli-fishing

17:30 AEST Sat Mar 31 2012
Dermott Brereton went to Australia's Top End for the fishing trip to end all fishing trips. There are some of the best fishing locations in the world up there, meaning there can be a problem finding a place to have all to yourself.

We solved the problem and Dermott went on an Albatross Helicopters fishing trip. They have been operating since 1996 and have a fleet of 13 aircraft.

Full of hopes of landing a big barramundi, Dermott headed to Albatross' heliport at Noonamah, a 40-minute drive from Darwin, and after a safety briefing, took off in one of Albatross' helicopters.

They know all the secret fishing spots and they are truly remote. Unless you want to have a long, long walk, helicopter is the only way to get there. The Daly River flood plain is home to plenty of crocodiles, so walking isn't a good option anyway!

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