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Sorrel on the Harley.
Sorrel on the Harley.
Stopping off to check out the MacDonnell Ranges.
Glorious Northern Territory.

High on the Hog

Thursday, July 12, 2001
Feel the wind in your face, get behind a Harley and get yourself to the centre of Australia ... Alice!

Each year, 390,000 tourists travel along the bitumen in the middle of Australia — they travel in cars, four-wheel-drives, buses, mobile homes and vans, but if you really want to feel the wind in your face, Alan Bartlett is the man to contact.

Alan has been a Harley Davidson fanatic for more than 30 years and he runs his company — High On The Hog Motorcycle Adventures — out of Alice Springs, smack bang in the middle of Australia.

Alan uses late model Softtails, which are comfortable for the passenger. Most tours are done pillion with guide riding, but if you hold a motorcycle licence, they will rent you a bike but will accompany you on the trip.

Tours are half-a-day, a whole day, two or three days, or if you like, a longer tour can be tailored just for you.

A Town Blast is a fun ride through the streets of Alice Springs, including a stop at Anzac Hill. Take the Wild Loop Ride and you will have an exhilarating mini tour around a boomerang-shaped mountain.

Your guide will arrange a One Hour Plus tour to suit you and the Two Hour Adventure Tour will give you the chance to ride through the MacDonnell Ranges and see a rock wallaby colony and waterhole.

A Mac Range Two Hour Champagne Sunset Tour heads out late afternoon to catch a romantic sun setting behind the majestic MacDonnell Ranges.

A Three Hour Adventure takes you into the Ranges, Stanley Chasm with a short bushwalk.

Round the Ranges Half Day Tour goes to the ancient Stanley Chasm, also known as Nature's Cathedral, a tour of the ranges and national park where you will see rare plants and the black- footed rock wallaby.

The Whole Hog Day Tour is the top of the line — it is a great day, encompassing the best the MacDonnell Ranges has to offer. Ride the Rollercoaster Road, experience the grandeur of Ormiston and Glen Helen Gorge and Homestead. In warmer months, you can even have a dip.


Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory.


High On The Hog Motorcycle Adventures have half-day tours for $325 per person. They operate year round.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

High On The Hog
Ph: (08) 8953 4755

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