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Rescue Special Ops

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Over the years, Getaway has set its reporters some pretty daunting tasks, including abseiling, rappelling, rolling down hills in huge plastic balls — you name it! So it was a rather nervous Kelly Landry who accepted her brief to visit Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym in St Peters in the inner-west.

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym is the biggest indoor climbing site in Australia and is home to 250 climbing routes for beginners through to Mission Impossible-style. Routes are regularly changed so there are always new challenges.

Kelly's climbing buddy was Andrew Lees, who played rope specialist Chase Gallagher in Network Nine's new drama, Rescue Special Ops.

The series is about the day-to-day lives of the elitest of the elite paramedics. They're heroes risking their lives; they're men and women who are experienced paramedics in peak physical condition skilled in abseiling, rock climbing, surf and sea rescue, four-wheel driving and fire-brigade procedures.

Doing your own stunts is hard work and there are many visits to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym to keep the cast fit and on top of their climbing skills.

Tips from those who know include focusing on using leg muscles as much as you can so that the upper body doesn't tire. Stick to the easiest colour climbs on the wall. Green rocks represent the easiest climbs; the level of difficulty goes up by blue, yellow, red and black being the most difficult.

Climb as long as you like and take along a friend for fun. There are free beginner's lessons to get you started and Tuesday nights are "meet a new partner night".

You'll need a climbing harness — you can bring your own or hire one. Optional climbing shoes and chalk bags are also available for hire.

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St Peters, an inner-Sydney suburb.


Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym casual entry is $16. Equipment hire and climb is $26. Children under 12 pay $10 and under-sixes pay $5. Student concessions are $14.

Prices correct at August 27, 2009.

For further information

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym
Unit 4C, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Road
St Peters 2044
Ph: (02) 9519 3325

User comments
stop cross-promoting your own channels shows and passing them off as getaway segments. there was no need to incorporate this show into the climbing segment. it makes your show seem like that desperate today tonight on 7 STOP DOING IT!!!!

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