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Ferrari day tour

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Mention the word "Ferrari" to most men — and some women — and they'd love the chance to drive one. Jason Dundas is no exception and has dreamed about driving one of the sleek cars since he was a little boy.

With Prancing Horse Car Rentals, that dream came true and the hardest part of the day was deciding which car to choose. The F355 Spider with the Formula One-inspired gearbox and a top speed of 300km/h, or the F430 Spider with 490 horsepower that can do zero to 100km/h in just four seconds.

Once the all-important decision was made, Jason headed south of Sydney to the Royal National Park along with seven other drivers who enjoy three hours each behind the wheel of all four Ferraris, plus a lead car driven by Robert Falato from Prancing Horse. Co-drivers swap keys periodically during the day so everyone has a turn.

When you are in the passenger seat you can enjoy the spectacular ocean views and the new Seacliff Bridge which forms part of the Grand Pacific Drive. Its 665m span provides road, pedestrian and cycleway access, 41m above sea level. It follows the natural curve of the coastline below the cliffs.

There's a breakfast stop at the Scarborough Hotel situated on the Scarborough cliff. It's been renovated to its original charm and opens at 8am each day for breakfast and offers à la carte meals for lunch and dinner.

Jamberoo Mountain Road is challenging as you make your way to Bellachara Boutique Hotel in Gerringong for a lunch stop. Apart from enjoying a delicious meal, the stop is used as a debriefing.


Through the Royal National Park on the South Pacific Drive south Sydney.


Prancing Horse runs Ferrari Drive Days from Sydney. They cost $880 which includes insurance, petrol, sunscreen, hat, breakfast and lunch. They ask that you wear narrow footwear or driving shoes.

Bellachara entrees are $16, main courses $29 and desserts $9. They are closed on Mondays.

Virgin Blue has flights to Sydney.

  • Brisbane $85
  • Melbourne $99
  • Adelaide $129
  • Perth $209
  • Darwin $235

For further information

Prancing Horse Car Rentals
Ph: 1300 307 050

Scarborough Hotel
383 Lawrence Hargrave Drive
Scarborough 2511
Ph: (02) 4267 5444
Fax: (02) 4267 3648

Bellachara Boutique Hotel
1 Fern Street
Gerringong 2534
Ph: (02) 4234 1359

User comments
I have just signed up for and and am lloking forward to it now, it looks great, will let you all know how I went??? Not till end of November
just wondering if the tour is for one person only.or ifyou want more than one person you have to hire another car.
Hi Gary, The Ferrari Drive-Day is a flat rate of $880pp including breakfast, lunch and insurance (no bond is required). Prancing Horse also offer hourly rates for private hire of many different Ferraris as well.
How much are they per hour or is it a flat daily rate.
Hi Belinda Yes you can get gift vouchers, they are actually the most popular item people get and would a great present to give. The drive days are From 7 Am to 4-5 Pm.
Yes you can get a gift voucher by calling the guys at Prancing Horse on 1300 30 70 50, and the day starts at 7.30am and finishes between 4.30 and 5.00pm in the afternoon..
Would like to know if you can get a voucher for the Ferrari Tour for a birthday? Also how long is the day tour for?

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