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Sydney Wildlife World

Thursday, November 27, 2008
Sydney Wildlife World exclusively features Australian animals and plants. It focuses on the conservation of Australian native flora and fauna, as so much is under threat, and education programs for the public. It operates in partnership with Australian Wildlife Conservation and together they ensure funds raised help safeguard threatened wildlife and ecosystems.

Modern display techniques include multi-species exhibits, natural environments and animal husbandry, all experiences in around 1km of walkway space. Viewing is enjoyed in air-conditioned comfort through floor to ceiling viewing panels. Soundscapes, graphics and interactive models enhance the experience.

The Koala Sanctuary is one of the most popular exhibits. It shows the fussy little eucalypt eaters in the closest thing possible to their natural habitat. There are more than 600 species of eucalypts in Australia, but koalas favour very few. Their preferences vary from state to state and they are so loved they get exactly what they want. They share their home with the rufous bettong, southern brown bandicoot and tammar wallaby.

The koalas at Sydney Wildlife World are happy to have you enjoy a buffet breakfast in their bush garden setting. After eating, visitors have the chance to get up close, pat them and have a picture taken by a professional photographer.

Flight Canyon Aviary is a behind-the-scenes tour where visitors interact with 20 species of birds. Everyone pitches in to collect, mix and make the birds' first feed of the day in the food preparation area.

While listening to an interesting talk by the bird keeper, everyone moves to the upper-level timbered deck and are shown the correct feeding techniques.

When the Getaway crew visited the Flight Canyon Aviary they made a special new friend. Feride, a child under the Starlight foundation program was there to meet the birds thanks to the Foundation.

The Butterfly Release program begins in the controlled temperature hatching room where butterflies emerge from their pupae and dry their wings before flying. It's quite wonderful to see how fat little caterpillars develop into such magnificent and elegant butterflies.

Visitors are given identification cards and collect butterflies to release into the hot and humid rainforest butterfly habitat.

Free content is delivered to visitor's mobile phones via bluetooth during their visit to Sydney Wildlife World. This gives a multi-sensory experience, which is both educational and fun.


Sydney Wildlife World at Sydney's Darling Harbour.


Sydney Wildlife World is open between 9am and 6pm every day. Breakfast with the Koalas is available every day from 7.30am for up to 50 people and costs $55 for adults and $45 for children. Flight Canyon Aviary tours are at 9.30am every day and cost $25 per person. Butterfly Release tours are at 2.30pm each day and cost $25 per person.

Entry to Sydney Wildlife World is $29.95 for adults and $15 for children. Discovery Passes allow entry to Sydney Wildlife World and Sydney Aquarium and cost $48.50 for adults and $26.50 for children.

For further information

Sydney Wildlife World
Aquarium Pier
Darling Harbour 2000
Ph: (02) 9333 9288

Starlight Foundation
Ph: 1300 727 827

Starlight Foundation was formed in 1988 as a children's charity. It brightens the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children, and their families, throughout Australia. The foundation provides positive distraction to children in their time of need, those who often miss out on experiences healthy children may take for granted.

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