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Eastern Creek

Merrick & Rosso's Sydney

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Getaway braved a day with Nova96.9 FM’s madcap radio men Merrick & Rosso, to see what they love so much about Sydney.

First stop was the Penrith Panthers Club at the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Set in 80 hectares of landscaped grounds, it offers members a fantastic array of eating and drinking options, live entertainment and clubs within the club.

Their flagship restaurant is Memories Brasserie. Silver Spur serves a mean steak, there is a carvery, pizza and pasta restaurant, and TC's Courtyard is open on Fridays and weekends. Also on site are Hungry Jack's, McDonalds, KFC and Lone Star outlets.

KAOS is a family entertainment area and fun for people of all ages. It has amusement machines, pool tables, juke box, car simulators, pinballs, virtual bowling and simulator rollercoaster. All that and there are prizes to be won!

Next stop Eastern Creek, one of Australia's best known race circuits. When there are no official races happening, it's used for lots of other things, including the BMW Driver Training Course Merrick & Rosso attended. Courses are run by Geoff Brabham, Le Mans and Bathurst champion and son of former world champion driver Sir Jack Brabham.

BMW Driver Training covers everything from essential driving skills to advanced competency levels. They show drivers how best to avoid an obstacle on a wet road, off-road experience and how to perfect the ideal line on a racing circuit. At the end of every course, drivers will feel more in control. They stress that there is no room for compromise and driver skills and safety are utmost.

After all that driving and the mention of doughnuts, the boys were hungry, so headed to their favourite eating place in Sydney, Cabramatta.

Visiting John Street in Cabramatta is like a quick trip to Vietnam. The specialty shops, people, food, the smells … it captures the colour and character of the east and has become a popular destination for people wanting to purchase exotic fabrics, unusual groceries and wanting to enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Merrick & Rosso favour Viet Trung 2. There is a Viet Trung 1 and each has its own specialty, but both produce a good hu tieu, a South Vietnamese style of rice noodles. Décor is pretty basic and the rear wall has a window where diners can see vats of simmering food and steaming clear rice noodles.

Deciding what to order is not an easy task — the menu takes up a full wall. Here are a couple of tips: No 1 Hu Tieu Do Bien is seafood, No 2 Hu Tieu Thap Cam is meat and Thap Cam is a special meat combo. Bottles marked 'dam' contain vinegar and there is plenty of chilli on hand.


Penrith, Eastern Creek, Cabramatta

More information

Mulgoa Road
Penrith 2750
Ph: (02) 4720 5555
Fax: (02) 4731 2665

BMW Driver Training
Eastern Creek
Brabham Drive
Eastern Creek 2766
Ph: 1800 000 269

Viet Trung 2 Restaurant
Shop 8/ 95-99 John Street
Cabramatta 2166
Ph: (02) 9725 7288

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