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Sydney Wildlife World

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sydney Wildlife World is a new attraction showcasing Australia's flora and fauna, located in the heart of Darling Harbour.

It has over a kilometre of walkway space, spread over 7000 square metres. There are three floors of exhibits — the uppermost is open to the elements under a mesh roof.

Exhibits to enjoy include butterflies, invertebrates, reptiles, nocturnals, wallaby cliffs, a koala sanctuary, plus a rainforest area and semi-arid grasslands display.

Because of its isolation and harsh climate, Australia has more than its share of unique animals and plants, much of if under threat of extinction. At Sydney Wildlife World you have the chance to see the world's largest variety of Australian plants and animals under one roof. There are around 100 species of native animals in over 65 exhibits. You can go from the desert to the tropics in a matter of minutes!

One of the most popular displays is the butterfly habitat. Here you can get up close to 30 kinds of Australian butterfly species.

There are 35 reptile shows and 21 live animal feeds every week and staff are always around offering hands-on experiences where safe and practicable.

The semi-arid grasslands habitat is made up of 200 tonnes of red earth from Central Australia and two species of wallaby are very much at home there.

Sydney Wildlife World, in partnership with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, has established Sydney Wildlife World Conservation Foundation through which funds will be raised to help safeguard Australia's threatened wildlife and ecosystems.


Sydney's Darling Harbour.


Sydney Wildlife World entry is $28.50 for adults and $14.50 for children between 3-15 years old. There is a saving for online purchases.

Prices quoted valid at 29.11.2007.

For more information

Sydney Wildlife World
Aquarium Pier Darling Harbour
Sydney 2000
Ph: (02) 9333 9288
Fax: (02) 9262 2385

User comments
After reading the above comments about the SWW I am completely confident of never visiting this place as before I read the comments I had every intentions of going there in the near future. The price of admission is very steap and not being able to touch animals defeats the purpose of the experieance.
My husband and I took 3 grandchildren ti SWW and enjoyed it all. Perhaps a little expensive for a family, Should have some specials for Familys some times. Cant wait ti take the next batch from Qld whrn they come down
I have been to Sydney twice visiting family and the last time I was there we went to the Wildlife World. I was disappointed with the displays and lack of animals. You weren't allowed to touch anything, I felt like I was walking through twisting hallways the whole time with a window opening everyonce and awhile. The aquarium was great during both visits as was Featherdale. I always recommend those two over the Wildlife World because you see more than insects and spiders. And at Featherdale you can pet the animals.
I am returning to my place of birth and long term home (Australia) at Christmas and look forward to showing off the Ozzie animals you have to my 6 mth old daughter. I hope your display is a step up from Toronga Zoo, if so I will be able to excitedly refer it to my new found friends in my temporary home now being Toronto Canada.
I am an ex-patriot Aussy bringing a few yanks over to see a real country but sad to say we will not be visiting SWW cos the admission cost is too high. Bugsy
Nice animals but I feel sorry for them as most are behind glass and you cannot even touch a koala after paying for a photo. Walking down airconditioned corridors of carpet and hearing recorded bird sounds is an unusual indoor experience.

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